KING KONG Bundy has tragically passed away at the period of 61. Yet how walk King Kong Bundy die - what to be the reason of death?


King Kong Bundy cause of fatality REVEALED: The 61-year-old has died (Image: GETTY)

Other wrestlers, including Brutus Beefcake and Mick Foley, mutual their favourite storage of Christopher.

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Hurricane Helm buzzpatterson.commposed on Instagram: “Thanks for her humour and also kindness.”

Who was King Kong Bundy?

The wrestler was part of the 2nd Wrestlemania in 1986.


King Kong Bundy cause of death REVEALED: King Kong Bundy and also his teammates lost to Hulk Hogan (Image: GETTY)

He battled Hulk Hogan in the first steel cage buzzpatterson.commplement of the tournament.

This came to be one that wrestling’s many memorable moments, even though Christopher lost.

However, the made history by winning a match versus SD Jones in only nine sebuzzpatterson.comnds throughout the first Wrestlemania.

He retirement from his favourite sports on a high in 1995.


King Kong Bundy cause of fatality REVEALED: Christopher retirement from wrestling in 1995 (Image: GETTY)

His next career route was as a stand-up buzzpatterson.commedian and also he additionally appeared in a variety of films.

He was going to satisfy fans at a meet and also greet following month, follow to the critical tweet top top Christopher’s society media page.

Fellow wrestler Al snow was to plan to buzzpatterson.commpanion him.

This story will be to update when much more information is available.

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