It transforms out the the origins of the "Korn" band name is far much more NSFW than simply replacing the "c" in "corn" through a funding "k."

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Turns out that the origins of exactly how Korn got its band name was far more disgusting than an altering the “c” to a “k” in “corn.”

The generally accepted origin story of exactly how Korn obtained its band surname is the James Schaffer argued they order “corn” with a “k” and a backwards “r.”

But follow to lead vocalist Jonathan Davis, the is only component of the story and also the beginnings of “Korn” is far more NSFW 보다 anyone would’ve ever guessed. Brace yourselves since this is walking to obtain disgusting.

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Appearing on the Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast, Davis revealed the his band’s surname was motivated by a party the attended native “back in the day” whereby he observed “two gay men talking around how they love felching each other .”

Things climate took a turn for the disgusting as Davis recalls: “And the one dude was talking the he to be felching his lover and the man shat everywhere his face, and he had a corn kernel top top his tongue. So, civilization that knew the story, they to be there, and also we just go, ‘Corn….’

“And they would be like, ‘Shut up, dude! Oh, god damn, no, no…’ and that’s how the name come about.”

Well that’s… certainly quite the story indeed.


After that whole “felching” story thing, Davis called his band around it and also they all assumed it was “such a cool name” that they went for it despite massive resistance from your manager.

Wild NSFW origin story aside, Davis likewise talked about why the band made decision to call themselves Korn: “The entirety thinking behind it was like, ‘It doesn’t issue what you’re called.’ It’s like a punk absent thing; it’s like, ‘Fuck, we’ll contact it Korn – who cares – ns don’t need any type of mysterious, weird fucking name."”

Well many thanks for that enlightening tidbit about Korn and also how its band name come about, Jonathan Davis. I’ll never ever look at a cob that corn in the same means ever again.

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Check the end Jonathan Davis talking about the beginnings of the “Korn” band name:

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