PELLA, IOWA -- ON a mid-March day in main Iowa, Kyle Korver and also his 3 brothers to be watching the NCAA tournament together in the same room. In spite of his alma mater, Creighton, losing, it was a an excellent day and also a great memory.

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Korver has actually hung top top to that moment and others like it over the previous two months as he has struggled through sorrow. At time he has actually cried himself to sleep in the afternoons before games and woken emotion something he have the right to only explain as his insides trembling. He has actually relied top top prayer to provide him the toughness to obtain up and go to work.

A 15-year veteran, Korver prides self on his consistency and also levelheadedness. These room cornerstones of what has actually made him one of the biggest 3-point shooters in NBA history. His mother, Laine, who when scored 73 clues in a high college game, taught him the you"re not good until you"re consistent. He"d constantly taken it come heart.

But because a devastating week in March, his balance, that fragile component for all shooters, has been off.

Korver"s youngest brother, Kirk, passed away on march 20 ~ a short illness that captured the family and also the physicians by surprise. That was damaging for the close-knit family and for the city of Pella, where Kyle"s father, Kevin, has actually been the an elderly pastor of one of the community"s largest churches for 25 years, and also the Korver brothers are treated as ambassadors and also heroes.

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In Pella, though, in the days and weeks after Kirk"s death, there has actually been an element beyond grief, an unanticipated uplifting. It started at the funeral, to visit by more than 1,500 world at the 3rd Reformed Church that Pella, as soon as Kyle and also his parental spoke with such function that the left those in attendance in awe. And also it has lugged on together each Korver 3-pointer splashes through the net in the Cleveland Cavaliers" playoff run as that plays for an ext than himself.

"You understand it"s hard to hold death in one hand," Kyle said. "Your brothers passing. Every little thing you feel about that and also you gain playoffs. Naught else provides you various eyes for what"s walk on in the world and what"s important and what matters."


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