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GettyIn this handout image listed by the California room of Corrections, judge murderer Scott Peterson poses for a mug shot March 17, 2005, in san Quentin, California.

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“There was no cause of death. There to be no killing weapon. There was no confession,” the very nice said. “Nevertheless, on April 18, 2003, Scott was arrested and also charged with the capital murders that his wife and also child.”

Prosecutors theorized that Scott Peterson murdered his wife in your home and that he killed her by suffocation, court records said. While the defense team argued that Scott Peterson had actually no engine to kill his wife or unborn child, the state suggested that he did for this reason either because that financial factors or come have flexibility from his wife and child. The very nice one laid out the state’s theory in exactly how Laci Peterson died.

It says:

As noted above, the state’s concept was that Scott eliminated Laci in their home between the night of December 23 and the morning the December 24. Missing any proof on the cause of death, the state theorized that Scott suffocated Laci. Follow to the state, Scott put the leash on McKenzi and also let him loosened in the community so that it would appear that Laci had been abducted if she to walk the dog. Climate Scott moved the body to his Modesto warehouse by putting it in the toolbox in the earlier of his truck. In ~ the warehouse, Scott then attached homemade cement anchors to the body and placed the in the back of his 14-foot watercraft which he climate towed to the Berkeley Marina. Finally, the state claimed, once he acquired to the marina he introduced the boat and, as soon as on the bay, he thrust the body (with the anchors) overboard.

Officials i dont agree on the meaning Behind a piece of String uncovered Wrapped approximately the Unborn Child’s Neck

Almost 2 decades after gift convicted of pregnant wife"s murder, Scott Peterson seeks new trial

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (
ABC7) might 14, 2021

The Petersons’ unborn son, whom they plan to name Conner, detailed more proof into her fatality than his mother’s very own body. The fetus was discovered separate native his mother’s body, and also it was mainly intact, follow to the post from the Sioux City Journal.

“My conclusion … is the Conner had likely been safeguarded by the uterus,” Dr. Peterson, the pathologist, stated in testimony. He thought Conner’s body was expelled at some time after Laci Peterson’s body was inserted in the water.

“According to the autopsy, the skin the the kid was not decomposed at all, despite the appropriate side that his body was mutilated, and the placenta and also umbilical cord were not uncovered with the body,” alphabet News report in 2003.


FacebookLaci Peterson and also Scott Peterson on their wedding day.

One contentious piece of evidence was a piece of cable wrapped about the baby’s neck. The defense team argued that the human body of the fetus was cut from the mother’s womb and also strangled v a item of string. However, Dr. Peterson argued the string likely wrapped about the body of the fetus in the water.

“Truly, I think that for whatever reason Laci met her demise, it was her fatality that resulted in the death of (Conner Peterson),” he said, follow to SFGate.

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This information, coupled with Peterson’s early out date, helped investigators to recognize when she died, follow to SFGate. Dr. Alison Galloway, a fetal expansion expert, measured 2 of the baby’s leg bones and also one arm bone to estimate the age of the fetus. She identified the fetus had actually a gestational age of period of 33 to 38 weeks. Investigators concluded Peterson was killed on December 23 or 24.

“Laci Peterson’s obstetrician testified previously in the trial that her due date had been approximated at Feb. 10, 2003, however had been moved back to Feb. 16, 2003 during her 2nd trimester,” the SFGate article said. “Prosecutors said in their opening statement that Laci Peterson was about 33 mainly pregnant once she disappeared.”