Lady Antebellum’s family members has expanded in 2 waves and now has six beloved kids. Watch the video of the family journey and also see extr photos and also details below.

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Lady Antebellum’s family Journey (Video)

Between band members Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood, and Charles Kelley there are six “baby antebellums”. In case that baby band does get created you might too get to recognize the members: Lillie Renee Haywood and also Cash Haywood (from Dave Haywood), Betsy Mack, Emory JoAnn Tyrrel, Eisele Tyrrell (from Hillary Scott), and Ward Kelley (from Charles Kelley). Below we take it a look in ~ each band member and also their trip to parenthood.

Baby Antebellums

photo: Artist society Media

 Lady Antebellum’s Family: Hillary Scott

Lady Antebellum star Hillary Scott’s husband, kris Tyrrell, obtained her attention ago in 2010 if on tour v Tim McGraw and also Chris popped the concern not lengthy after they started dating. Their love story has actually been fairly the adventure and also they celebrated eight years of marriage in January that 2020 (Scott and also Tyrrell married just prior to sunset on January 7, 2012). The pair married in former of family and also close friends and also their partnership inspires many. In fact, their love for each other influenced Lady A’s hit tune “Just a Kiss.” “Everything is brighter. Everything has a depths meaning,” Scott says around her husband. “I’ve discovered a man who important embraces me for that I am and also appreciates the points that ns don’t have to love around myself.”

photo: Artist social Media
Hillary Scott and Tyrrell space the parents of 3 daughters— Eisele Kay (July 22, 2013) plus twins Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn (January 29, 2018). Eisele Kaye is currently 6 years old and also the twins (Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn) room 2 years old. The family right now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee and also have changed well to gift a busy family of five. It’s obvious that there’s a the majority of love in this beautiful family.

Lady Antebellum’s Family: Charles Kelley

Lady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley and his wife Cassie McConnell Kelley have been officially married twice. The Charles Kelley wife story is a twin take flashback. They in reality married very first in a Nashville courthouse in late June 2009 together a legal formality prior to having a destination wedding in the Bahamas.) Kelley met McConnell as soon as she to be a publicist because that Kelley’s brother, josh Kelley. They started dating, and also the rest is romantic history! Kelley proposed to his gorgeous blonde girlfriend in 2008 top top Christmas morning. In June the adhering to year, the couple got married in Nashville. Then, lock took turn off to the Bahamas end the fourth of July weekend. They announced the they were finally having a baby at the beginning of respectable 2015. Despite the roadway was rocky, the pair is thankful for every step, especially their extended time together a household of two.

photo: Artist social Media
“I think earlier over the previous six years of ours marriage and am thankful for the time that Charles and I have had together, simply the 2 of us,” McConnell Kelley says. “I’m thankful for the adventures that we’ve been on, the locations we’ve visited, the lazy days we’ve lounged away on the couch together, the so late nights spent on the bus talking around our desires over a party of wine.” She continues, “God knows us, and he knows our marriage, and he blessed united state in simply the right time.” After year of struggling with fertility problems, Charles Kelley and his wife invited a bouncing infant boy! The child’s surname is Ward Charles Kelley and he to be born in ~ 9:20 a.m. (February 11, 2016) in Nashville, TN, according to Cassie’s Womanista blog.

Lady Antebellum’s Family: Dave Haywood

Lady Antebellum‘s Dave Haywood made his longtime friend, Kelli Cashiola, his wife in April the 2012. Yet their connection started way before their first date. In fact, the pair had 5 years the friendship under your belt prior to they began dating. “I feel so lucky the our friendship has actually grown into this relationship,” Haywood shared with People in a 2011 interview. At the time, the pair had been date for 6 months. “We are completely comfortable and ourselves with each other.” Haywood and also Cashiola do a good pair. Lock both recognize the craziness that life in the music industry. Haywood renders up one-third the Lady A, and also at the time, Cashiola to be the Vice chairman of Marketing and also Brand management for Warner Music Nashville. A month ~ making their partnership public, the pair shared much more exciting news. They to be engaged! It occurred in December, therefore Haywood made his proposal Christmas-themed. He picked up Cashiola native work, blindfolded her and drove her home. She then found that every room in the house had actually been turned right into a “sparkling winter wonderland,” and also “Will girlfriend marry me?” was spelled out in Christmas lights at the front of the house. What a cute idea! The couple exchanged rings and vows ~ above April 14, 2012 at Front Porch ranches in Ashland City, Tenn. Singer-songwriter Dave Barnes officiated the ceremony.

photo: Dave Haywood Instagram
In September the 2014, Haywood and also his wife welcomed their son, Cash van Haywood. The name comes from his mother’s maiden name, Cashiola, shortened to Cash, and Haywood’s father, whose name is Van. He weighed a healthy and balanced 7 lbs., and also he measure up 19 customs long. The pair welcomed daughter Lillie Renee Haywood into the people on Friday, December 22nd in Nashville. She sweet in in ~ 7 lbs., 6 oz., and also measured 19 inch long. “She is called after both of she grandmothers. Kelli and Lillie space happy and healthy, and also Cash is already a an excellent big brother. God is good!” Dave mutual via society media upon her birth.

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