The basketball player tragically shed a child to cot fatality in 2006, but shockingly used the tragedy to prevent a career-ending medicine test the he knew would be positive


Lamar was playing for the LA Lakers when it taken place (Image: Getty Images)

A 3rd would finish his career.

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As that headed into his 3rd season v the LA Lakers (2006-2007), he to be contacted through the team's head trainer Gary Vitti, that told him he required to head in in ~ 8am the complying with day because that a drugs test.

In his memoir Darkness come Light, Lamar wrote: "My heart nearly stopped. They test you three times a year, and also you never recognize when they're coming. I'd gamble during the season the they wouldn't test me twenty-four hours after I used cocaine, because that's how long the takes come leave her system.

"I supplied coke around three times a week by the time. Ns gambled a lot. In fact, i was high in ~ the exact moment Vitti called."


Lamar's boy Jayden tragically passed away at six months (Image: Twitter)

Lamar's ex partner Liza Morales (Image: Getty)

Lamar claimed he had actually gambled too countless times, and admitted that it could have seemed less complicated to just not do drugs.

But he said that come an addict, that can "spell the end of the world".

Lamar contacted a friend, Greg, come tell him the he had actually a drugs test the adhering to morning and also had just taken ecstasy.

His friend didn't know around his cocaine habit, therefore Lamar says he lied, informing him he'd bring away "just ecstasy and weed".

Lamar then contacted his personal trainer Robbie Davis, and the three of lock huddled around a computer system to research exactly how long ecstasy would continue to be in his mechanism - too long to pass the test.


Lamar knew failing the medicine test would finish his career (Image: MediaPunch/REX)

But it was his certified dealer in the end who come up v the arrangement to conserve his career.

Lamar wrote: "We made decision that there had been yet an additional family emergency in new York, and also I had to fly there immediately. Through my son's recent death, the wasn't a stretch to think we were having actually problems, however we had to get our story straight.

"Every fact had to inspect out under to the last detail. I called Liza and told her to store the kids home native school. It had to look prefer a tragedy had occured."

Lamar had actually someone speak to the Lakers and explain the "another an excellent tragedy had befallen my family".

By midnight the night, Lamar had actually boarded a personal jet to brand-new York, drink a mix that cranberry juice and also water the totality time in an effort to flush the end his system.

After landing, he headed to Liza's residence to often tend to his imaginary family members problem and also lay short for a work or so.

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He headed back to LA gradually for his next game, then clean and able to happen a medicine test.

Lamar added: "I dodged yet one more bullet. One of numerous that would certainly come my way."