Within the brief span of 3 months, Lauren Alaina has actually undergone yet an additional weight lose transformation, and also we have actually the remarkable before and also after pics.

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Dancing with the Stars is a great weight loss program, apparently. While Lauren Alaina has constantly looked beautiful — remember, the number ~ above the scale doesn’t issue — all that footwork led she to shed a far-ranging amount the pounds! “I’ve shed like 25 pounds! because July,” the 24-year-old American Idolalumconfessed to reporters gathered outside the DWTSset in Los Angeles on Oct. 21, per PEOPLE. It was the 6th week the performances, and Lauren added,“None the my apparel fit.”

Lauren’s dance partner, Gleb Savchenko, took credit for the singer’s brand-new body. “You’re welcome,” that jokingly told Lauren. Regardless of their light-hearted comments, Lauren and Gleb placed on an emotional performance ~ above the Oct. 21 episode of DWTS.That week’s vain aired on the one-year fatality anniversary the Lauren’s step-father, Sam Ramker, who had battled Stage 4 cancer. Lauren and also Gleb chose to honor this sad day with a contemporary dance come “The other Side,” i m sorry earned applause native all 3 judges (Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli) and also a complete score that 26 out of 30!

“I to be scared that the dance. I was sad,” Lauren admitted to the reporters, after taking the stage on Monday night. “I was proud that I could do it. I just was yes, really nervous that ns was going to obtain upset prior to the dance and not be able to do it, breathe, yet I obtained through it, and also then I shed it.” Lauren has actually been performing since the show’s Season 28 premiere, i beg your pardon aired ~ above Sept. 16!

BEFORE (left): Lauren Alaina performs in ~ Stagecoach top top April 28, 2019. After (right): Lauren Alaina poses because that photos outside the Dancing through the Stars studio on main three, Sept. 30, 2019. (Shutterstock/ABC/Eric McCandless)

It’s wonderful to see Lauren healthy and glowing! The country singer previously combated bulimia for 6 years until ultimately seeking therapy at age 18 (she was 16 years old when performing onAmerican Idol). ~ overcoming that struggle, Lauren go on to lose 30 pounds by following the Atkins diet, which she talked about in an exclusive interview with buzzpatterson.com in Sept. 2017.

“It’s really assisted me learn just how to eat right in a means that’s good for my body,” Lauren told us about the diet that urges high protein and also low carbohydrate foods. She added,“It’s adjusted everything because that me.

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Ns feel really, really great and I work-related out, too. I’ve replaced bad habits with good ones.”