Dolores O’Riordan, the command singer that the Cranberries, drowned in a bath together a result of intoxication indigenous alcohol, one inquest has actually found.

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The inquest in ~ inner west London coroner’s court, hosted on what would have actually been O"Riordan"s 47th birthday, heard that she had actually been drinking heavily before she was uncovered dead in room 2005 the the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, London, at around 9am ~ above 15 January.

Her alcohol level was 330mg per 100ml that blood, an ext than 4 times the legal border for driving. The court heard the she had struggled for plenty of years through bipolar disorder and excessive drinking.

Dolores O"Riordan: anguished star whose voice lingers on
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O’Riordan, that had remained in London because that a recording session, was found by a maid the morning after she checked into the hotel. She was submerged confront up in the bath, attract a long-sleeved vest and pyjama bottoms. Once paramedics arrived, police to be performing CPR on her in the bathroom. In ~ 9.16am she was declared dead.

Evidence was discovered of heavy drinking and also smoking and use of prescription drugs including lorazepam. Five empty miniatures from the minibar, which had been accessed in ~ 2.10am, to be discovered as well as a 35cl party of champagne.

A postmortem report through Dr Adam Combe concluded the O’Riordan drowned together a an outcome of alcohol intoxication. Levels of medicine in she blood were therapeutic, no keep in mind was found and also police claimed after her fatality that that was no suspicious.

The coroner, Dr Shirley Radcliffe, said: “There’s no proof that this was anything various other than one accident. There to be no intention, this appears to be solely a disastrous accident.”

The inquest heard that the ireland singer’s bipolar disorder had responded well to treatment. She go through periods of abstention native alcohol however there were also bouts of excessive drinking.

O’Riordan had actually previously discussed being sexually abused as a kid by a family friend and how she suffered from anorexia.

In September critical year she started composing a suicide keep in mind while drinking heavily and taking lorazepam, however evidence native Robert Hirschfield, a united state psychiatrist that assessed she over the call on 26 December, said she had been act better.

In his statement review at the inquest, Hirschfield said: “She to be doing well, she was not drinking, she was a small sad on Christmas job … no think of suicide.”

Another psychiatrist, Dr Seamus O Ceallaigh, said he spoke to O’Riordan on 9 January and also she remained in “good spirits”.

O’Riordan’s mother, Eileen, whom she referred to as from she hotel room at 3am on the night of her death, to visit the inquest, and also one that the singer’s brothers, PJ, and a sister-in-law.

In a statement exit after the hearing, she bandmates thanked fans for your messages and support. “We proceed to battle to concerned terms with what happened,” they said. "Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dolores" children and also her family and also our thoughts space with them today. Dolores will live on eternally in her music.”

The inquest heard the O’Riordan had a legion of fans that valued she charisma, distinctive singing voice and also feisty on-stage performances. She was explained as a love daughter, fun-loving sisters and dedicated and doting mother.

O’Riordan, born in Limerick in 1971, joined the Cranberries – then called the Cranberry Saw us – in 1990 and performed v them until 2003, as soon as they took a hiatus. Castle reformed in 2009.

Their hits contained Linger, which reached the top 10 in the US and Ireland and No 14 in the UK. At the moment of O’Riordan’s death she was in London to document a covering of Zombie, an additional of the Cranberries’ biggest hits, v the rock band bad Wolves.

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The irish president, Michael D Higgins, was among those who paid tribute to O"Riordan after her death. She is made it through by her 3 children, Taylor Baxter, Molly Leigh and also Dakota Rain, from her 20-year marriage to Don Burton, Duran Duran"s tourism manager. The pair split increase in 2014.