The 28-year-old was well-known for posting extravagant travel photos through her ex-boyfriend Max Bidstrup and also their dog Occy.

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Lee MacMillan died on in march 26 ~ battling depressionCredit: Instagram / maxandlee_

Who to be Lee MacMillan and also what to be her cause of death?

Lee MacMillan was a Canadian Instagram influencer.

She was living in Santa Barbara, California for about six months yet was reported absent and had left her home without taking her car, wallet, keys, ID and also phone.

Lee reportedly died by suicide and was hit and killed by an Amtrak train close to Santa Barbara.

The news of she passing was revealed by Max, who is tho reeling native the "soul-crushing loss", on her Instagram page


Lee reportedly passed away by suicide and was hit and killed by an Amtrak train near Santa BarbaraCredit: Instagram / maxandlee_

"After life an especially life, and also fighting a brave battle with depression, our hearts room shattered to share that Lee took her life on Friday," his post read.

Max - a paramedic native Victoria - revealed that Lee had actually been seeking assist for her mental health struggles "from professionals, indigenous family, from friends" and also "was no trying come fight this alone".

"She to be the brightest light, a magnetic force of nature and was loved by therefore so many.

"If we deserve to do one point for Lee now, in the midst of this soul-crushing loss, that to spread out the blog post that mental health and wellness is simply as genuine as physics health.

"And that illness can win anyone, no matter how unlikely they might seem."

When was she dating Max Bidstrup?

Max and also Lee met if he visited Canada because that a work-related vacation in 2016, and they made decision to embark on an expedition throughout the world.

After enjoying a five-week expedition to southeast Asia together, they went back to Canada and decided come renovate a campervan so they can take longer trips.

The couple purchased a 2006 dodge Sprinter for approximately $12,300 and also spent nearly the same amount top top restoring it.

Setting off in September 2016, lock crossed v North America and countries in southern America prior to heading to Mexico, traveling throughout a total of 13 borders.


Max and also Lee met if he checked out Canada for a work vacation in 2016, and also they determined to embark on an expedition throughout the worldCredit: Instagram / maxandlee_

They soon started gaining pendant on Instagram, reaching virtually 70,000 from the begin of your account.

In the couple's last short article together top top January 26 2020, castle revealed they had sadly split and also announced they would certainly be "going our separate means from here".

The pair acknowledged that it was "incredibly challenging to talk about on here", introduce to their account on the photo-sharing platform.

The short article continued: "We both desire what is best for every other and will proceed to assistance each various other now and also in come the future.

"Thank you because that believing in us, it’s been one hell that a ride."

In January that 2021, Lee announced on Instagram the she had actually bought her very own travel van and was in the procedure of addressing it to proceed her journey.

She was also dating someone new, a guy named Jordan Chiu that she had met in vault travels.

Jordan addressed she sudden death on Instagram, writing: "You were a dream beyond my wildest dreams.

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"You filled my heart up complete to bursting and stretched it additional than what I ever before imagined was possible. 

“You to be my person, my partner, my best friend. Every day through you to be an adventure and also I expect wherever you are you've discovered peace and snuggles. 

“Rest simple puppy. I love you much more than friend will ever know."

If you or who you understand is impacted by any of the concerns raised in this story, speak to the nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text situation Text line at 741741.


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