"I didn't desire it to obtain to that suggest where the was more popular because of conflict than the tune itself," the 20-year-old rapper said in his first Canadian interview.

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Old town Road just beat a 1-week U.S. Streaming document previously organized by Drake's In mine Feelings 


Billy ray Cyrus and also Lil Nas X team up because that the Old Town roadway remix, a 'country trap' song that was initially removed native the country charts. (Lil Nas X/Twitter)
When Atlanta musician Lil Nas X exit his tune Old town Road, the knew he had a struggle on his hands.

But what that didn't know was the it was going to end up being the centre of a debate about race, genre and also what is — and isn't — a country song.

"I didn't want it to obtain to that allude where that was more popular because of dispute than the track itself," the 20-year-old rapper said in his first Canadian interview.

Old Town roadway blended elements of both rap and also country music to do what Lil Nas X calls nation trap, return "it wasn't intentional in ~ first, it just started off choose a loner cowboy kind of story," that said. The song first went famous on society media, mainly on the tiktok app, then made history by at the same time charting top top the pop, rap and also country charts top top Billboard. Then it was controversially eliminated from the country charts for no being country enough.

Currently, it sits atop the Billboard hot 100 chart, and also it just beat a one-week U.S. Streaming document previously held by Drake's In my Feelings

"My initial believed was just like, I'm quiet on Billboard, girlfriend know, ns can't complain," the said. "But then, together I go on to hear to much more songs that were already on the chart, already including catch elements, it was like, why is this allowed, but my song's not?"

Many critics said that the decision was racially motivated, but Billboard contends it had nothing to carry out with the truth that it came from a black color artist rooted in hip-hop, and much more to execute with the actual elements of the song. While the explanation bothered Lil Nas X, he made decision not to go after it, letting the decision stand.

I witnessed it as, if you fight back, probably they're walking to try to blackball me in some sort of way, so that was just like, everything happens happens.- Lil Nas X "Honestly, I experienced it as, if you fight back, maybe they're walk to shot to blackball me in some type of way," the said. "So that was just like, whatever happens happens."

What occurred after the was Old town Road walk from 83 to No. 1 top top the Billboard singles chart, making it the fastest rising song because that a debut artist due to the fact that former One Direction singer Zayn released Pillowtalk in 2016.

Then came Billy ray Cyrus, that joined Lil Nas X in studio to add a verse to the main remix, help propel the currently hit track to another level. Both execution of Old city Road combined because that 143 million streams in the U.S. Alone, breaking the record previously set by Drake's In mine Feelings, which had actually 116 million streams on the week of July 28, 2018.

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"Two job after releasing the song, ns was like, anyone retweet this and assist me acquire Billy ray Cyrus top top it, since I want him ~ above the tune already," said Lil Nas X of gaining Cyrus involved. "Then the Billboard case came follow me and, you know, this just provided all the more reason for it to happen."

Cyrus, that hadn't had a significant hit song due to the fact that 1992's Achy Breaky Heart, ceded a praiseworthy performance on the remix, but also offered the young artist encouraging words.

"He gave me a lot of advice, however you know, the most inspirational point was that comparing me come Johnny Cash, and also just saying the I'm walk to be seen all over the universe," Lil Nas X said. "Just prefer real uplifting actual talk, so, great guy for real though."

Other country artists, prefer Kane Brown, Meghan Linsey and Florida-Georgia Line's Brian Kelly, likewise showed the support, and Keith Urban newly performed an Old city Road cover.