1. Does Lil Pump assistance Donald Trump?

During the 2020 united state Election, Lil Pump publicly endorsed Donald Trump and also even spoke to a group of Trump supporters at a rally in Michigan right before the election. While share the podium, trump card accidentally called the rapper 'Lil Pimp', and the rapper reportedly lost 300,000 after reflecting support because that Trump. Credit: Getty


2. Go Lil Pump have a tune with Kanye West?

Lil Pump surprised pan by collaborating with Kanye West ~ above a song called 'Love It'. After ~ news broke about Yeezy being named the creative Director that the Pornhub awards, they unleashed the racy song and also accompanying music video clip with Adele Givens.

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3. Is Lil Pump dating Amber Rose?

Lil Pump and also Amber rose were rumoured come be date after they to be spotted at Rolling according to music festival together. Rose was pictured lighting a tobacco for Pump and she watched him perform from the side of the stage. However, the rumours were later on proved to it is in false. Picture: Instagram/Getty


4. How did Lil Pump's feud with J. Cole begin?

Lil Pump's feud with J. Cole dates ago to the early stages that his career. It's not clear why, however the 'Gucci Gang' rapper taped a number of videos yelling "f*ck J. Cole". The then videotaped a J. Cole diss track v the chorus "f*ck J. Cole". This resulted in Cole finally addressing him on KOD tune '1985'. Picture: Getty


5. What is Lil Pump's real name?

His genuine name is actually Gazzy Garcia! yet the rapper goes by the stage name Lil Pump. Picture: Instagram


7. Lil Pump is precious an astonishing amount of money.

Lil Pump was previously reported to it is in worth about $150,000 in 2017. However following the substantial success the his track 'Gucci Gang' and also his record resolve Warner Bros, Lil Pump asserted in an Instagram video that he's actually worth roughly $10 million!

8. Did Lil Pump yes, really drop out of Harvard?

It's not currently known even if it is Lil Pump did in reality attend Harvard University. However the teenage rapper handle the rumours top top Twitter, writing: "I really did drop the end of Harvard to save the lab game". Yet there room no details about potential subjects, courses or scholarships to earlier up his claims. Picture: Instagram/Twitter

9. What is Lil Pump's connection with Lil Yachty?

As well as having comparable names, Lil Pump and also Lil Yachty have actually a good relationship and plan to release a collaborative mixtape together, and also going on a joint tourism in 2018. The two rappers, who have come to be symbols that the new "mumble rap" trend, shown the news on Twitter. Picture: Instagram

10. Lil Pump's 'Gucci Gang' video clip has over 220 million views on YouTube!

The official video clip for Lil Pump's breakout struggle 'Gucci Gang' at this time has end 227 million see on YouTube. The eye-catching visuals attribute the teens walking through a institution with a tiger, if serving medicine to his friends outside. Picture: Instagram

11. What is Lil Pump's Instagram?

Lil Pump is an extremely active top top Instagram and can be uncovered under the username "lilpump". Despite his short-lived success, Pump currently has end 6 million followers and is among the fast cultivation rappers ~ above the social platform. His Twitter username is "lilpump" and also his Snapchat name is "lilpumpjetski". Picture: Instagram

12. Lil Pump's very first big tune was referred to as 'Boss'.

One of his very first songs to become popular was dubbed 'Boss'. The track, which only lasts 1 minute 42 seconds, has over 48 million see on YouTube! The song's repeated chorus is "Yeah, I come in through the sauce, B*tch, ns flex stack Ross". Picture: Instagram

13. What is Lil Pump's relationship with Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly)?

Lil Pump renders no an enig of the reality he wants to have a relationship with iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove. The rapper commonly mentions the 24-year-old on social media and also even small a cake v her challenge on it! "ICARLY im TRYNNA F*CK so i made u a cake ESSKEETIT," he captioned the post. Picture: Instagram

14. Did Lil Pump recognize Lil Peep?

Lil Pump was good friends through Lil Peep, that sadly passed far in November 2017. Although there is no official cause of death, Lil Peep to be rumoured to have taken drugs the were laced with an additional substance. Pump took to Instagram to send his condolences. "Rip Peep," he wrote. Picture: Instagram

15. Lil Pump is covered in tattoos!

Despite his soft age, Lil Pump is currently covering his body in numerous tattoos. The rapper has ink ~ above his neck, arms and a huge Gucci comb on his chest. Picture: Instagram

16. Has actually Lil Pump released an album?

Lil Pump exit his self-titled debut mixtape in October 2017. 'Lil Pump' is a 14-track task that consists of his hit solitary 'Gucci Gang'. But the teenage rapper is however to relax his debut album.

17. Lil Pump has actually his own cartoon character!

Lil Pump likes to release music alongside a cartoon character of himself. Every solitary piece of solitary and mixtape artwork includes a cartoon variation of rapper, special his signature colourful braids.

18. Lil Pump has actually astonishing numbers on his Soundcloud page!

Lil Pump's an initial ever tune on Soundcloud is dubbed 'Elementary' and currently has actually over 13.5 million plays! when every track from his debut 14-track mixtape 'Lil Pump' has over 2 million theatre each. Picture: Instagram

19. Lil Pump went independent after his Warner Bros. Record contract was made void.

Lil Pump came to be a free agent in January 2018 after ~ his Warner Bros. Contract was officially reputed void. The 'Gucci Gang' rapper was only 16 when he signed, which made him underage. Pump then required to Twitter to disclose he plan to go independent and also sign himself. Picture: Instagram/Twitter

20. Is Lil Pump signed to DJ Khaled's 'We The ideal Music'?

DJ Khaled sparked vast rumours the Lil Pump signed to his document label us The ideal Music in January 2018. The music mogul post a series of image of himself v the 'Gucci Gang' rapper. "I TOLD mine LAWYER THIS IS urgent !! Let’s acquire this deal done!" created Khaled top top Instagram. But there is right now no confirmation around a document deal. Picture: Instagram

21. As soon as did Lil Pump release his 'Harvard Dropout' mixtape?

In January 2018, Lil Pump announced that he will certainly release a new 'Harvard Dropout' mixtape. The teenage rapper, who claims he yes, really dropped out of the prestigious us university, shows up ready to dedicate a whole mixtape come the project. However it's not at this time clear when he plan to relax the mixtape or when he to plan to relax his debut album. Picture: Instagram

22. Go Lil Pump authorize to Gucci Mane?

Lil Pump appeared to check signing with Atlanta music mogul Gucci Mane in February 2018. Dooney Battle, that is part of Lil Pump's team, watch revealed the news via one Instagram video clip of Pump attract a 1017 chain and also shouted the end "signing day, Lil Pump signing day". However Lil Pump is however to officially check the news himself. Picture: Instagram

23. Has Lil Pump been arrested?

Lil Pump to be arrested top top Wednesday 14th February 2018 after ~ firing a total in his own home. Follow to reports, the rapper called police that 3 men had attempted come break into his house, including that castle shot a single bullet v his door. However, police later on reported the Pump to be actually residence alone and that the cartridge hole was shot kind inside the house. Pump to be arrested, sent to juvenile Hall and later released with an fish eye monitor.

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24. As soon as did Lil Pump relax his 'Eskeetit' song?

“Only undertake designer, esskeetit,” that raps ~ above the track, i beg your pardon flips his signature catchphrase. “Hoppin’ out the Wraith, esskeetit / Smashin’ on her bitch, esskeetit / Runnin’ up a inspect with no limit.” Picture: Instagram

25. Does Lil Pump have a child with Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly)?

Lil Pump sparked rumours the he had a child with iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove in march 2018. Pump has actually expressed an interest in dating Cosgrove in the past and posted a snapshot of himself through a child, alongside the caption: "Just had a 1 year old daughter wit iCarly." there is currently no proof the pair have had a son together. Picture: Instagram

26. That is Lil Pump signed to?

On in march 13th 2018, news damaged that Lil Pump had actually reportedly signed a staggering $8 million record contract with Warner Bros. Extending over the course of 7 years, Pump will receive the $8 million advance, and also then $9,000 because that the very first year, $12k because that the second and $15k for the 3rd through 7th contract years.

27. Who is top top the official Lil Pump 'Gucci Gang' remix?

Lil Pump premiered the main remix come his solitary 'Gucci Gang' top top Drake's OVO Sound Radio. The 8-minute song features an all-star line-up including 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, French Montana, J Balvin, bad Bunny and Ozuna. However there is no news on when the song will be officially released. Picture: Instagram

28. What is Lil Pump's country background?

Lil Pump aka Gazzy Garcia to be born to a Cuban father and also a mexico mother, which gives him Latin American heritage. The 'Gucci Gang' rapper grew up in Miami, south Florida.