If you aren’t currently familiar through Liza Koshy and also David Dobrik, now’s a an excellent time to acquire to know them. She has over 12 million subscribers top top YouTube and David’s comes in in ~ 5.4 million. This hilarious strength duo is certain to be acquisition over the internet any type of day now. Here, we answer all your burning questions about their relationship. Spoiler: they are the cutest, and so is there story.

How walk Liza Koshy and David Dobrik meet?

David and Liza to be both huge stars on Vine. So, as soon as Viners started hanging out in LA, the was only a issue of time prior to they ran right into each other. David hung out with The Gabbie show (Gabbie Hanna) a lot and she just happened to it is in friends v Liza. The two met, began making jokes together, and also the rest is history. It was love at very first pun.

How long have Liza Koshy and David Dobrik to be dating?

David and also Liza officially let everyone understand that they’re date on February 15, 2016. Liza post a photograph of the two of them lying in calendars to announce the they’re dating. Get it? If you look closely, the calendars have actually November 28th circled in red ink due to the fact that that’s the day they came to be official. For this reason cute!

Liza shown their connection on Instagram through writing, "Only we would spend a pun of money on calendar to take it a pic just to phone call you the yes… we space dating."

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Alongside a picture taken just one day later, Liza composed on your anniversary, "Look how happy i look in this picture, taken just 5 work after meeting this cutie…now imagine how happy i am after date him because that 365 days. Ns doubt you can even imagine, because it"s difficult for me come even describe how happy this kid makes me."



Liza continued, "I"ve never ever grown so close and also so comfortable through someone, and it wasn"t hard since you"re therefore comfy come snuggle with. And so funny to laugh with. And also so proud to be with. And so straightforward to love. Ns love girlfriend so much, dude. With all mine heart, stomach, liver, and left kidney. I"m selling the appropriate one to buy myself a Tesla therefore you"ll love me more. Excited for an ext anniversaries and an ext cheesy captions! i love you. Happy 1-year cutie ❤️." Awww!

When was David and Liza’s very first kiss?

Four days after they met, David and also Liza checked out Kian Lawley and also JC Caylen’s party. According to David, “Liza had actually a excellent idea to take up to the rooftop.” once up there, the made the an initial move and they had actually their an initial kiss! but wait, it gets cuter!

Before lock go ago down, she choose up a bunch the gravel native the roof and also saved it because she didn’t desire to forget the moment. So, a few months later, Liza call David panicking due to the fact that the absent is missing! He simply tells her that he lost it and has to calm her down by speak it’s more than likely somewhere in his room. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. David got her a at sight sweet card and a ring. You know, the ring she is literally always wearing! In the video clip “IT’S TIME we TELL YOU,” Liza defines that the ring is for sure perfect for her. So, after giving her the ring, David claims that he discovered the rock. Yay! He has Liza close her eyes, placed her hands out, and also wait because that the rock. Other than it’s no in the palm of her hands, that on she finger. He placed the rock in a ring! Is anyone else screaming? simply me?

The couple also commemorated another form of an initial kiss. When David hit one million subscribers, they provided the pan what they’ve been asking for: a kiss ~ above camera! the course, the minute is full of jokes, but that simply makes it more perfect.

Are Liza Koshy and David Dobrik married or engaged?

The pair hasn"t do an official announcement of your engagement, i m sorry leads us to think that, no, there"s no marital relationship in the works. They"re constantly making jokes about kids and moving in together, for this reason it deserve to be quite misleading.

One huge reason pan think David and also Liza are getting married needs to do through a significant issue. David was actually born in Slovakia, a nation in eastern Europe. His parents brought him the joined States once he was just a kid and also he never officially ended up being a citizen. Under the Deferred action for Childhood arrivals program, David is allowed to work, drive, and basically be a common citizen in America. He"s even said that he payment $400,000 in counting in 2016. Yet with DACA gift repealed under this brand-new administration, David can be headed ago to a country he can"t also remember. He likewise cannot leaving the country without the opportunity of gift denied re-entry. It"s a lot.

I paid $400,000 in taxes critical year and also all I obtained was a cost-free trip ago to Slovakia#DefendDACA


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DavidDobrik) September 5, 2017

So, fans have actually been flooding his comments saying that he and Liza have to just gain married. Then David can use for a green card and be safe from deportation. But obviously naught is that simple, and also it would take a lot of for two 21-year-olds to just obtain married. For now, they"re simply boyfriend and girlfriend and clearly loving every second of it.

With their second anniversary coming up soon, there"s no telling just how Liza and David can celebrate. Maybe that proposal everyone"s questioning for? much more likely, David will pull a huge prank and also get countless views. We just much better get our hearts prepared because it"s sure to be super cute.

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