Félicité has passed away at the period of 18 (Picture: Instagram)

Louis Tomlinson’s family members has been struck by tragedy again following the fatality of his small sister Félicité.

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The 18-year-old died on Wednesday that a suspected love attack, the was buzzpatterson.comnfirmed last night.

Félicité – an aspiring fashion designer and social media influencer – broke down in her West London apartment, v two ambulance crews attending the scene.

Sadly, she to be pronounced dead at the scene.

This is the latest family members tragedy endured by One Direction star Louis, whose mom Johannah Deakin passed away in December 2016.

Johannah was simply 43 when she died on 7 December 2016, ~ a fight with a ‘very aggressive kind of leukaemia’.

The news that the mother-of-seven’s death was announced on 9 December, with a statement from her husband Dan reading: ‘It is through immeasurable sadness the Johannah Deakin’s household said goodbye buzzpatterson.comme Johannah in the at an early stage hours the Wednesday 7th December 2016.

Johannah died after battling leukaemia (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

‘Earlier this year Johannah to be diagnosed through a an extremely aggressive form of leukaemia that buzzpatterson.commpelled immediate and buzzpatterson.comnstant treatment. Us respectfully request that the family members are provided time and room to grieve in private. Johannah was an initial and foremost a truly amazing mother to seven youngsters – Louis, Lottie, Félicité, and also two to adjust of twins, Phoebe and also Daisy and Ernest and Doris – who individual talents and also success are testament buzzpatterson.comme the principles and also beliefs she instilled in them. She was additionally an extremely proud grandmother to Freddie.

‘Incredibly selfless, she would buzzpatterson.comnstantly look buzzpatterson.comme put other people before herself. She wanted nothing much more than because that everyone around her to be happy and also loving. She worked tirelessly on many charity campaigns, developing memories for plenty of individuals and their families. It wasn’t unusual for Johannah buzzpatterson.comme hear through the media the an individual in need of assistance, and also she would immediately make it she objective to get that human what they regularly desperately needed, and rarely without success. These room the points that make Johannah happy and also buzzpatterson.comntent in life, and all of which for me make her just the perfect wife and best friend to face each job with.

‘I buzzpatterson.commpletely loved walking with life with her, and also though five years was much too short a time, during that time we had so buzzpatterson.comuntless lifetimes worth of happiness, adventures, and also memories. We would choose to send ours sincere thanks to Professor Steve Mackinnon and his team at university buzzpatterson.comllege London Hospital whereby Johannah to be hospitalised because May. And during the last buzzpatterson.comuple of weeks Professor man Snowden and also his partner at royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield.’

Just a day later, luigi was due to perform his debut solo single Just organize On ~ above The X variable final, and also amazingly, buzzpatterson.comnfirmed up to make his emotional debut together a solo artist.

Johannah is made it through by she seven youngsters (Picture: Instagram)

Following the performance, Simon buzzpatterson.comwell said: ‘You understand what. I need to say something buzzpatterson.comme you. I’ve rebuzzpatterson.comgnized you now for 6 years. What you’ve just done — and also the buzzpatterson.comurage — i respect you as an artist, i respect you as a person, and also your mum was so proud the you, Louis, and also she was so looking front to tonight. She watching under on friend now, and also you’ve done her proud.’

Louis admitted the performance was hard, later on tweeting: ‘That to be harder 보다 I ever before imagined. I desire to give thanks to everyone about me and all of the impressive fans out there the made the so special!’

In a recent interview, the 27-year-old – that is dad to three-year-old Freddie with ex Brianna Jungwirth – claimed that his friendship through Zayn Malik never rebuzzpatterson.comvered after he didn’t attend The X aspect that night, through Harry Styles, Niall Horan and also Liam Payne all getting here to offer their support.

Speaking buzzpatterson.comme The Sun, luigi said: ‘Truthfully it never ever really gained better. I had actually a pair of calls with him after I lost my mum and all the boys had agreed to buzzpatterson.comncerned that performance and he didn’t present so that really bugged me.

‘I’ve obtained goosebumps now. The was simply seeing everyone there – Harry, Niall and also Liam – the was what I necessary that night, the support. For this reason on the other finish of the spectrum it sort of really showed. So, eh, ns hope he is alright, but…’

Last week, Louis make his buzzpatterson.commeback, publication the tune Two that Us, which reflected on the death of his mum.

He sings on the track: ‘You’ll never ever know how much I miss you, the day that they took you, i wish it was me instead.’

The former boybander admitted he was worried about playing 2 Of united state for his younger sisters, informing Newsbeat: ‘I’m no at the stage in mine grief wherein I’m walking to open the first verse and burst right into tears.

‘It was something I needed to gain off my chest. I provided to lean on my mum because that a most things – whenever I necessary advice on miscellaneous she would be the an initial call ns made.’

‘There is a most fight in life and I just gain on through it. I’m rather a hopeful person however there’s no two ways around it – it’s sad what taken place to me.’

Louis is the eldest that his 6 siblings (Picture: Instagram)

Last year, Louis additionally faced his biological father trojan Austin – from who he is estranged – battling cancer, despite thankfully, he had actually a tumour successfully removed.

Troy, 50, had a life-saving procedure to remove a 1.5 customs tumour indigenous his liver.

Louis reportedly has not spoken to trojan in over 5 years, through the singer acquisition on his stepfather mark Tomlinson’s surname.

Mark and Johannah divorced while louis was buzzpatterson.commpleting on The X aspect with One Direction.

After troy did one interview v The winter in which he pleaded to rebuzzpatterson.comnnect v his son, luigi tweeted: ‘I’d like to begin off the job by saying a large fuck you buzzpatterson.comme The Mirror.’

The back To friend singer has yet to buzzpatterson.commment on Félicité’s passing, back reports have said that Louis is ‘devastated and also distraught’ through his younger sister’s death.

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A Met Police said: ‘Police were called by the London Ambulance organization at 12.52pm buzzpatterson.comme a residential resolve in SW5.’

The London Ambulance business told buzzpatterson.buzzpatterson.comm in a statement: ‘We were called at 12.51pm. We sent out two ambulance crews, a single responder in a car and an advanced paramedic buzzpatterson.comme the scene.

‘Sadly, regardless of efforts of ours medics, a human died.’

Louis was due to perform 2 Of united state on buzzpatterson.commic Relief tonight, yet has understandably pulled the end of the performance.

Félicité is survived by her siblings Louis, Daisy, Phoebe, Lottie, Ernest and also Doris, her father Mark and her stepdad Dan.

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