i Love Lucy: 10 Things around Lucy and also Ricky's partnership That Would never ever Fly now I Love Lucy is an iconic series, however looking back, many of the things that Lucy and Ricky did come each various other were deep problematic.

I Love Lucy is a famed sitcom with among the most famous TV couples, Lucy and also Ricky Ricardo, played by real-life couple, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The show and their connection was recognized to everyone roughly the world, and also the comedic writing and also performances do this present an absolute classic.

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However, this is a display from the 1950s, definition the standards approximately relationships, sexism, and also their romantic interaction were very different than they are now. When watching the relationship between Lucy and also Ricky Ricardo on display now, there are some clean moments that will make viewers cringe, and that would never ever make that onto TV today.

Ricky is worried as soon as Lucy decides come play golf through him. That is embarrassed by her, so he and also Fred teach Lucy and also Ethel comprised rules for golf that are fully ridiculous and weird, hoping that they would quit playing with them. Ricky have to not be embarrassed by his very own wife. Lucy only wanted to spend time through him, and she to be willing to perform something the Ricky love so much. Even if Ricky did not want Lucy to play, he should have actually at the very least been moral with her and also say how he feel without thinking of an outlandish plan for the to acquire his way. Not to mention, of course, the the assumption that women wouldn"t know anything around a "manly" activity like golf is simply ridiculous.

In a similar scenario, Lucy wants to spend time v Ricky, so she decides to sign up with Ricky on a camping trip. Ricky walk not want this to happen, so he walk a "practice" camping expedition with her to see how she likes it. He really hopes to do her tired and also scare her out of wanting to go camping with him ever before again. This is another case where Ricky should have actually been honest with her and also appreciate the fact that his very own wife desires to spend time with him. And once again, the present plays into gender stereotypes in a painfully apparent way.

Lucy is worried that Ricky can be tempted by other women, for this reason she put on a black wig and pretends to be somebody else in order to check Ricky"s loyalty to her.

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Even though Ricky caught on to Lucy"s scheme early on on, Lucy must not have also tried to perform this in the an initial place. A major component of marriage is trust, and Lucy and Ricky necessary to interact with one another if castle had any kind of issues rather of having Lucy almost trick Ricky into being unfaithful. No to mention that had Lucy succeeded, this would have been non-consensual, as she to be lying around who she was while attempting to seduce him.

7 Lucy Cries Wolf

To check Ricky"s love for her, on multiple occasions, she pretends robbers space in the apartment hoping to freak the end Ricky and see if he concerns save her. This it s okay to the point where when a pair of actual crooks tie her up, Ricky, Ethel, and also Fred carry out not think her, reasoning she uncovered a method to tie herself up. Lucy should have actually trusted Ricky"s love for her instead of making him terrified for her safety - and also of course, she shouldn"t be lying around something therefore serious.

when Lucy and Ethel trick Ricky and Fred into thinking a restaurant they room at is gift robbed, Ricky and also Fred rush to your rescue. When they realize nobody is actually there, they cheat Lucy and Ethel into thinking over there really room crooks in the place. Lucy and also Ethel are annoyed, even though lock tried come trick Ricky and also Fred first, and also they enable the police to take Ricky and Fred away, who they believe really were trying to rob the restaurant. Lucy and also Ethel at some point got them out of jail, however no joke or median trick justifies enabling someone you love to go to jail just to teach castle a small, chaste lesson. Not to cite wasting resources and also the time of civilization who should have actually been taking care of real crime.

5 Ricky Refuses to Recreate The job He Proposes to Lucy

when Lucy thinks their marital relationship license is invalid, she do the efforts to obtain Ricky to recreate the work he proposed. Ricky does not care about this scenario, and when Lucy tries to obtain Ricky to it is in romantic, he lets her down.

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It is obvious that Lucy cares about this, so Ricky should have tried his finest to support her. He was selfish instead, and it is no wonder Lucy obtained mad in ~ him. Their engagement was among the best memories of Lucy"s life, and also the fact that Ricky would not even try to recreate it for her mirrors that their marital relationship needed part work.

A recurring plot heat on this display is Lucy"s eagerness to it is in a component of Ricky"s performances or any kind of other audition she come across. Ricky just wants a an easy housewife, and also he certainly does not want Lucy connected in his present or any type of other show. He constantly requirements that she monitor his orders, yet Lucy constantly finds some method to be connected without Ricky being conscious of she plans. Lucy is a grown mrs who has actually the right to perform if she really desires to. Ricky should not have any control end this, and he should have supported her any means he could. The assumption that she would have to ask permission from she husband in ~ all would appall viewers today.

3 Ricky Flirts through A Young Woman ideal In prior Of Lucy

as soon as Lucy and also Ricky walk dancing, they fulfill a young woman, played by Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame. Ricky is instantly infatuated v her, resulting in him flirting and dancing v her ideal in front of Lucy. Ricky go not even think around how his very own wife would certainly feel around this, especially due to the fact that Lucy was witnessing the whole thing herself. His casual disregard for his mam (and his viewing of another woman as an item to be pursed) would certainly not be acceptable today.

once Lucy reasons herself and also Ricky to be so late to a dinner through his boss, Ricky renders a schedule because that Lucy because that all hrs of the day.

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It have to be as much as Lucy to create a schedule for herself if she notices a sample to she lateness. However, her own husband renders one for her to follow, and also he also states later that she is choose a "trained seal." This bothers Lucy, and she it s okay revenge. Lucy certainly needed to it is in the responsible one and manage she time herself, however it is definitely not right for her own spouse to carry out this for her, particularly for every minute of every day.

1 Ricky Spanks Lucy

on a couple of occasions, when Lucy walk something that provides Ricky upset, the spanks her. Lucy is a grown woman who has the appropriate to do her own decisions. No matter just how Ricky feels around them, he has no appropriate to use force on Lucy prefer that in bespeak to do her execute what he wants her come do. At the time, this to be played as acceptable, however in reality, this is now well-known as flat-out physics abuse, and is never ok.

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