Luke Bryan is a famous American country singer/songwriter best known because that chart-topping bangers favor "Drink a Beer", "Kiss tomorrow Goodbye", and also "Kick the Dust Up".

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One the the many renowned country singers of this generation, he started his musical job in the mid-2000s ~ he exit his debut album in 2007. Luke Bryan didn"t take a long time to create a solid foothold in the music industry.

Bryan"s debut came v "All my Friends Say" and also it to be well-received by the audience and critics. Soon, he followed it up v the debut studio album "I"ll continue to be Me". That went ~ above to release a pair of singles and albums after that and also tasted an international success with "Tailgates & Tanlines" (his third album).

It peaked at #1 on the "Top nation Albums" chart and also #2 on the "Billboard 200" chart. That was just the start of his success as his name continued to climb with the release of next two albums "Crash mine Party" and "Kill the Lights".

Bryan ended up being the very first and only nation music artist in the background of the "Billboard nation Airplay" graph to have completed six number one singles from an album. While Bryan has accomplished a the majority of his fame as a nation singer, it would be an unjust to say the he has limited himself to simply one genre.

He has actually explored a number of other genres together as different rock too. He has regularly incorporated aspects of various other genres right into his songs. He has had actually quite an motivating journey as a singer and also musician. He has actually sold over 7 albums over 27 million tracks, and 16 no.1 hits and back-to-back double-platinum albums.

Who is Luke Bryan?


Luke Bryan was born on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg, Georgia, and he has uncovered professional success together an aspiring songwriter prior to delivering his debut album in 2007 (I"ll remain Me). That then adhered to it up v acclaimed albums in "Doin my Thing", "Tailgates & Tanlines", "Crash my Party", and also "Kill the Lights", with the latter developing a record-breaking 6 #1 singles top top the Billboard country Airplay chart.

In 2017, Luke Bryan exit his 4th album that topped the Billboard top 200, "What makes You Country" before he debuted as a judge for American Idol the following year.

He to be born as thomas Luther Bryan in Leesburg, Georgia, and was the younger son of a farmer. The was constantly keen top top music and also was increased on his parents" collection of records, which included country artists favor George Strait, Merle Haggard, and Conway Twitty.

When Bryan to be 14, his parents got him a guitar and it didn"t take it him much time prior to he to be exceptionally great on the instruments and also with his good voice to begin sitting v other neighborhood musicians. Once he remained in high school, he performed in musicals while likewise writing his own songs that he sang with the tape he started.

Luke Bryan early beginnings and also entry to country music


Country impacts come naturally to popular singer/songwriter Luke Bryan as he thrived up in Leesburg, a little town 100 miles from the border that Alabama whereby his dad thrived peanuts and also sold fertilizers to make a living.

Bryan supplied to help his family work the farm when he was still a young child yet in his beforehand teens, that would construct a enthusiasm for country music, as he choose up his impacts from the record collection that his parents that listened come the Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Ronnie Milsap, and also more.

Aged simply 14, his parental bought him a guitar, and a year later, his singing and also playing skills were solid enough that he began to sit with neighborhood bands in ~ a club that featured live nation music.

Two years later, Bryan began writing songs v the help of some regional tunesmiths who had actually previously took pleasure in success in Nashville. He determined to head end to the Music City and try out his happy after graduating high school until his brother, unfortunately, passed away in an auto accident.

Looking to offer emotional support, Bryan decided to to visit Georgia southern University instead, yet he quiet didn"t offer up ~ above music.

He continued to write songs, form a band, and played gigs top top campus or nearby watering holes during weekends while pursuing studies. Soon, he tape-recorded a self-released album that marketed at shows during this period. However, he to be reluctant to take the plunge to devote himself come music permanent until he finally returned residence after receiving his degree. Bryan"s dad, that was so confident of his son"s talent that he made him an market that he either relocated to Nashville or it is in fired from the family members business.

Moving come Nashville and getting his very first contract


In at an early stage 2001, Luke Bryan pulled up stakes and decided to relocate to Nashville. Shortly after the move, his heartfelt country songs earned him his very first contract, with one of Nashville"s posting houses.

In his preventive time, Luke Bryan would proceed to carry out at clubs and soon, one A&R male from Capitol records came throughout his performance when he was singing some of his initial material, and Bryan was offered a record deal.

Capitol Records helped Bryan relax his very first widely distributed album "I"ll continue to be Me" in the summer of 2007. The was followed by "Doin" mine Thing" in 2009, i m sorry peaked in ~ #2 ~ above the country charts and #6 ~ above the optimal 200.

It featured two #1 singles "Rain is a an excellent Thing" and "Someone rather Calling you Baby".

He then went back in 2011 with his 3rd album "Tailgates & Tanlines" v the release preceded by "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)". This song was the an initial of his four Top-5 country singles native the album through "I Don"t want This Night come End" and "Drunk on You" peaking in ~ #1, and also "Kiss morning Goodbye" peaking at #3. This success would save his album ~ above the charts till many of 2012 v Bryan supporting the album"s exaggeration with stable touring.

Comeback in 2013 and also releasing his very first #1 charting album


Early in 2013, Bryan do his comeback by compiling his four spring break-themed EPs in his album "Spring Break… here to Party". It promptly became his very first album to graph at #1 top top the popular music charts.

He solidified his place in the world of nation music by win ACM"s entertainer of the Year award. That August, that went on to release his 4th album "Crash mine Party" and also it hit #1 on the nation charts and pop charts.

Each the the an initial four singles in this album – the title track, "That"s My type of Night", "Drink a Beer", and also "Play it Again", steadily asserted to #1 top top the nation charts during 2013-14.

He then made decision to close out the collection of spring Break EPs in 2015 by publication the aptly title "Spring Break… Checkin" Out" with the repertoire peaking in ~ #1 top top the Billboard country Chart and #3 on the Billboard 200.

Then, he exit his 5th full-length album "Kill the Lights" in 2015, which peaked in ~ #1 on the Billboard 200. This one was developed by Jeff Stevens (as well as Jody Stevens that was brought in as the co-producer). However, uneven "Crash my Party", this document saw a heavy dose the originals from Luke Bryan.

He then obtained writing credits on half of the album"s 13 songs. "Kill the Lights" debuted at #1 and it at some point certified platinum, partly on the strength of his struggle singles "Kick the Dust Up", "Strip the Down", "Home Alone", "Huntin" Lovin" and also "Fishin" Every Day", and "Move".

In 2016, Luke Bryan went on his third Farm tourism releasing his EP "Farm Tour: Here"s come the Farmer" come commemorate this occasion. The following February, he acquired invited to sing the nationwide Anthem at the supervisor Bowl. Moreover, the was also announced to it is in a referee on American Idol.

Later that year, he exit the single "Light it Up" and also it peaked at #1 ~ above Billboard"s nation Airplay charts. It was additionally the an initial single indigenous "What provides You Country" the arrived in December.

In 2019, he resumed his place as the judge on American Idol while likewise releasing the singles "Knockin" Boots" and "What She wants Tonight". Both of them peaked in ~ #1 on the country Airplay graph while they were likewise featured on his next album "Born here Live below Die Here" that arrived in august of 2020.

Luke Bryan personal Life and also Legacy


Luke Bryan married his university sweetheart and longtime companion Carolina Boyer top top December 8th, 2006. The met she for the very first time at Georgia southerly University and the pair eventually got married. They have actually two song – thomas Boyer Bryan and Tatum Christopher Bryan.

Bryan began taking treatment of his nephew Tilden after ~ the fatality of his sister and brother-in-law. He also takes treatment of his nieces, Jordan and Kris.

Luke Bryan is really passionate about hunting and absolutely loves it. The co-owns "Buck Commander", the sister company of "Duck Commander". It likewise initiated a TV show exclusively for hunting enthusiasts.

Apart indigenous his music career, he has supported many charities and also causes, consisting of "Red Cross" and "City that Hope". Bryan additionally supports children"s disaster relief, human being rights, and fights versus cancer and also HIV.

Luke Bryan and also the household tragedies that he had actually to go through


For every the success Bryan has had in the industry, the has also endured a most heartbreak for one lifetime.

When Bryan was just 19 and also ready to make his big move to Nashville, his human being came crumbling under as his larger brother, Chris, passed away in a auto accident. Then, in 2007, his sister Kelly, mysteriously passed away as the autopsy to be unable to administer the factor behind her sudden death.

In 2014, his sisters Kelly"s husband likewise passed away, leaving the three youngsters without parents. Caroline and Luke Bryan ended up being the guardians for their nephew and also nieces without reasoning twice around it.

Major functions that caused Bryan"s rise to superstardom


The release of his 3rd studio album – Tailgates & Tanlines in 2011 resulted in the meteoric increase of Luke Bryan"s career. The album peaked at #1 ~ above the Top country Albums chart and #2 on Billboard 200 chart. That is singles additionally reached #1 on the nation music charts, starting the heritage that lugged on v Bryan later releasing his fourth and also fifth studio albums.

"Crash my Party", his fourth album, was released at the time once Bryan"s career to be at that is peak. All of the singles from that album were extremely successful and also peaked at the #1 place on Billboard"s Hot country Songs and also Country Airplay charts. In fact, that even came to be the very first country music artist come come out with an album consists of six #1 singles that peaked at optimal positions ~ above the nation Airplay chart and also Billboard"s Hot nation Songs chart.

In 2015, Luke Bryan released his next album "Kill The Lights", which was also very successful. This album contained six singles that peaked at the #1 place on Billboard nation Airplay chart, making the the very first artist in the 27-year-history that the prestigious chart to attain six #1 singles indigenous one album.

Luke Bryan Awards and Achievements


In 2010, Bryan winner the Academy of nation Music Award because that Top new Artist and also Top new Solo Vocalist.

His hit solitary "I Don"t desire This Night come End" from the album "Tailgates & Tanlines" also earned him many awards at "American nation Music Awards" including best Music Video, best Single, and also Most played Radio Track. Moreover, Tailgates & Tanlines was also recognized as the best Album that the Year.

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In 2013, his album "Crash mine Party" was named by Billboard Music Awards as the "Top nation Album"

He additionally managed to win the "Artist the the Year" award a few times at assorted award shows consisting of American Music Awards, American nation Countdown Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and also so on.