The story that the superstar"s rise to fame between a string of family tragedies is told in a new IMDb TV docu-series, Luke Bryan: my Dirt roadway Diary. "If I deserve to inspire civilization to relocate on native tragedy," that says, "that"s what life"s all about for me"

Ask Luke Bryan to assess this step of his career, and also he doesn't puff up end his awards or ticket sales or graph positions. Instead, he heads right to where you think he'd least want to go.

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"If this right here" — he motions to the voice that has entertained millions — "quit functioning in the morning, if i couldn't song again," he tells, "then ns am therefore blessed by what I've been able come achieve."

It's a powerful expression the Bryan's existing state the contentment. However it's additionally a sobering reminder that what the 45-year-old superstar knows all too well: What he cherishes the most deserve to be taken away in an instant.



As the covering story the the new issue of human being describes, Bryan has withstood a series of unthinkable tragedies over the past 25 years. In 1996, his larger brother, Chris, was killed in a automobile accident at period 26. In 2007, his larger sister, Kelly, 39, passed away suddenly that natural reasons that space still unexplained. 7 years later, her husband, Lee, 46, yielded to a heart attack, leaving behind 3 children, consisting of a 12-year-old boy that Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have because raised.

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"I've had so numerous tragedies in my life," says Bryan, "it's almost like friend don't want to call the story due to the fact that you don't want to feel prefer you're out there craving sympathy."

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Yet Bryan has actually never let tragedy defeat him, a conviction that pervades a brand-new docu-series around the singer's life, Luke Bryan: mine Dirt roadway Diary. All five episodes are accessible exclusively top top IMDb TV, Amazon's premium complimentary streaming service, beginning Aug. 6. With archival footage and interviews, the series traces the contours of Bryan's life and career, native his Leesburg, Georgia, root to his Nashville heights. It additionally underscores the profound affect that loss has had actually on Bryan's life.

"You truly never get over it," he tells "You truly never settle in her mind the it's happened. I mean, it's constantly there."

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Somehow, though, Bryan has actually forged a sense of objective out that his grief. A herbal entertainer due to the fact that his days play bars in small-town Georgia, that performs today with a passion to background the soul of human being who may be hurting. Through now, he knows that have the right to be pretty much anybody.

"If I deserve to inspire world to move on native tragedy, hopefully by my behavior," he says, "that's what life's all about for me."

Bryan acknowledges he was born on the sunny side — "thank God I've constantly been a quite joyful person" — however he's had to on purpose bend toward the irradiate to view his way through the tragedies. He claims he quiet feels a deep link to his brother, sister and brother-in-law, believing the he has three guardian angels. "Maybe Chris and Kelly and Lee have actually moved some puzzle pieces about to make my life so fortunate," he says. "When i say my prayers at night, I have to say, 'Thank y'all because that looking after us down here.'"




That gratitude, far an ext than grief, defines Bryan, and he holds chop to what he treasures most, discovering — even if it is it's voice or his life — "we're no promised another day." His blessings, he additionally knows, already overflow. Indeed, at this suggest in his history-making career, he says he has actually nothing left come prove.

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"It's a really special location I'm in, because I don't really feeling I must go reinvent miscellaneous to complete my life as a nation singer," he says. "I've done whatever I've ever before wanted to perform in music."

"Totally," Bryan affirms. "Complete gravy for me. Ns mean, mine true focus is to proceed to occupational hard and also write an excellent songs. I may shot to chase under a tiny thing to display them, hey, don't forget I deserve to do that. Therefore I might get real creative within country music. But I'm around getting top top stage, make music because that the fans and also really gift content through that."

No doubt much of that contentment is because of the fact that Bryan says he finally feels totally confident in his capability to organize the spotlight.

"I'm important having an ext fun on phase right now than I ever before have, since I recognize I deserve to do it," that says. "The an initial three years of headlining, friend don't recognize if you have the right to do it. You need to go prove come yourself that you have the right to do it, and also that's really challenging, and it's a many pressure. All of that push affects your capacity to be her best. Now, the absence of pressure deserve to truly make me mine best. I acquire to enjoy and also be totally comfortable in the moment — and being entirely comfortable allows my personality to come out, i beg your pardon is what truly want to see."

Of course, that knows well that display of personality has his signature hips swivels. In a 2014 interview, that swore he'd be prepared to cave up his suggestive move in one more 10 years — however now just three years away from that deadline, Bryan is eager to go back on his promise.

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"It will always be a fun thing for me to do," that vows. "Me up over there dancing and shaking and cutting increase — it takes the entirety vibe the the concert up. If i can obtain up there and do it and also have fun through myself, so have the right to you."

"The most fun moment," that says, "is once you gained this good ol' boy out there in the crowd, and also then I obtain him loosened up and he can go dance with his girl. And she's like, 'Well, I've never ever seen that dance and have fun like that.' That's what ns want. I simply want to lug smiles come"

When the reaches the end of his days, Bryan says, he's not going to measure up his job by counting his many awards or his No. 1s (now 26 — and counting).

"I'm going to look back at what human being were doing once I to be onstage and also singing come them," he says, flashing his acquainted grin. "They were having actually a blast — the moment of your life!"

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