Luke Bryanfast facts.Thomas Luther Bryan, also known as Luke Bryan, to be born top top July 17, 1976, and also turns 45.He to be born in Leesburg, Georgia.The nation singer began his career as a songwriter before he released his debut studio album, "I’ll continue to be Me," in 2007.It featured his first Billboard charting single, “All my Friends Say.”.Bryan released his very first No. 1 fight on the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart, “Rain Is a great Thing,” in 2010.The singer has actually won multiple Academy of country Music Awards and sold millions of records worldwide
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By Kiersten Willis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Aug 9, 2021
The south Georgia native’s brother and also sister died; he also lost his brother-in-law

Luke Bryan may have reached the height of the country charts, however that doesn’t mean he hasn’t encountered tragedy.

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The Leesburg indigenous stars in a brand-new IMDb TV docuseries, “Luke Bryan: my Dirt roadway Diary.” In it, he opens up about his grief after his brother and also sister died.

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When Bryan was 20, his larger brother, Chris, passed away in a auto accident. Bryan had actually planned to walk to Nashville the following morning.

“When chris passed away, it was devastating because no one was much more fired up around me going to Nashville than him,” Bryan stated on Sunday this day of the 1996 incident.

The singer stayed in Leesburg, going to college and also working because that his dad. Then, simply as stardom came in 2007, his sister, Kelly, suddenly died. She husband, Ben Lee Cheshire, died seven years later, that a heart attack. Bryan and his wife soaked up their nieces and nephew.

The couple adopted then 20-year-old Jordan, 16-year old Kris, and 13-year-old Til. They join the Bryans’ young Tate and also Bo, that were 6 and also 4.

“Obviously my nieces and also nephew, they no ask because that this,” Bryan told human being magazine in 2015. “Their life was amazing prior to Caroline and I take it a an ext prominent role, also after losing their mother. Currently my focus is make the efforts to carry out what we deserve to to assist them.”

“When you start talking about the lose of siblings and also even the loss of my brother-in-law — i mean, he to be my brother, that had remained in my life since I to be 7, 8 year old — and the hesitancy is, gosh, you almost feel anxiety of telling facets of your life that room so tragic,” Bryan stated on Sunday Today.

“You worry around people at residence just really wondering why this much tragedy and also unfortunate things have actually happened in mine life,” the added.

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Still, the Academy of country Music Award-winner knows he no alone.

“I have to remember there are world out there that have gone through comparable stuff that i have,” he said. “And for this reason me informing my story of just how we acquire through this as a family, friend pray and you feel choose you’re walk to assist some people. In ~ the end of the day, that’s really what we’re trying come do. We’re tryin’ to simply tell the story of mine dirt roadway diary.”

Byan’s brand-new single, “Songs You never ever Heard,” is one ode come his late brother.

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“I tell friend what. When you’re in the minute of trying to really catch it right, it’s very emotional. Occasionally the songwriters will certainly cry. Periodically I’ll cry,” the said.