Luke Bryan has been a nation music staple ever due to the fact that he an initial hit the scene with his debut single, "All mine Friends Say," every the method back in 2007. The track was certified platinum in the U.S. Because that selling much more than 500,000 copies, and very much released Bryan top top the route of being among the biggest and most successful artists the genre has ever before seen.

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The star has gone top top to release a slew that other huge hits, consisting of "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" in 2011, "That"s My sort Of Night" in 2013, and "Play that Again" in 2014, if he"s likewise made that big transition indigenous the nation music world and into the TV world. Many fans obtained even more familiar with Bryan once he joined forces with Katy Perry and also Lionel Richie top top the judging panel of ABC"s rebooted variation of "American Idol," whereby he"s report to make a whopping roughly $12 million a season (per wall surface Street Journal).

But while it seems choose Bryan has actually it every in his skilled life, there"s no doubting this relatable country star hasn"t had actually it straightforward in his an individual life. The Bryan family members has experienced some unimaginable losses, consisting of the tragic deaths the Luke"s 2 siblings, his sister Kelly Bryan Cheshire and also his brother, chris Bryan. Review on to uncover out just how Luke weathered the storm and stepped up as soon as his family members needed that the most.

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Luke Bryan"s an initial sibling tragedy happened in 1996 when his brother, kris Bryan, passed away in a vehicle accident. Luke was 19 at the time and also right on the cusp of relocating to Nashville to seek his nation music dreams, dreams that were put firmly ~ above hold. "I to be never encouraged I"d get ago to Nashville, but I didn"t invest time on have to I walk or need to I not? the was simply not going," Luke defined to world in 2013. "Your mother had actually just shed a child. At that point, she youngest son was no going to leaving the house. Chris"s death made me a little much more mature."

The family opened up much more about the decision come "20/20" in 2013, once Luke"s mom, LeClaire Bryan defined she "couldn"t be affected by each other the thought of him gift away." Luke additionally admitted Chris" fatality was still very an overwhelming for him to deal with. "I"m kind of hyperventilating talking about it. ... You never truly ... Move beyond it," he admitted. 

Luke make the decision to remain in Georgia where he to visit college, likewise working together his dad ~ above their farm while obtaining music practice in by playing in bars. After ~ a few years passed, it to be Luke"s dad, Tommy Bryan, that urged that to finally make the relocate to Music City.

But sadly, it was while Luke remained in Tennessee and just about to become one that the genre"s best names that tragedy win again.

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Luke Bryan suffered one more unimaginable ns in 2007 as soon as his enlarge sister, Kelly Bryan Cheshire, died really unexpectedly. "She was house with her 3-year-old, and it was like someone turn the lamp out. Castle never established what happened. The autopsies, the coroner, no one can figure it out. I mean, a 39-year-old girl? the doesn"t happen. It was just... Abnormally tragic," Luke told People.

The timing of Kelly"s fatality was made even more daunting by the truth she"d organized a expedition to view her small brother make his cool Ole Opry debut just a few days later. "My just older siblings...gone from the world, in a flash, in two...two different, crazy, catastrophic manners, that...we"ll never ever know, and also never understand," Luke called "20/20."

Horrifically, the wasn"t the last tragic events for the Bryans. In 2014, Kelly"s husband, Ben Lee Cheshire, passed away over Thanksgiving weekend, leaving your three children without parents (per Taste that Country). Ben"s cause of fatality was not publicly released, yet Luke stepped increase again. 

Luke and his wife, Caroline Bryan, soaked up Kelly and also Ben"s youngest child, 13-year-old Til, who checked out live with them and also their 2 children. Luke defined the instance as "tough stuff" in a 2015 abc News interview, however noted, "I need to pray that people that have actually had similar situations deserve to maybe look at my family and see me positively dealing with it. I"m no saying it"s easy."