Country star Luke Bryan shares intimate look in ~ his life in 'My Dirt road Diary'

Aug. 8, 202108:29
Luke Bryan is telling his life story in a candid new docuseries, "Luke Bryan: mine Dirt road Diary," which finds him opened up around the grief he endured after the deaths the his siblings. He additionally reflected on the tragedies in a current conversation on Sunday this day with Willie Geist.

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The country music superstar, 45, was just 20 and about to leave for Nashville, Tennessee, in 1996 as soon as his older brother, Chris, passed away in a auto accident. In 2007, Bryan"s sister, Kelly, died suddenly. Once Kelly"s husband, Lee, died of a heart strike just seven years later, Bryan and also his wife, Caroline, soaked up the so late couple"s three children.

"When you begin talking around the loss of siblings and even the lose of my brother-in-law — ns mean, he was my brother, the had remained in my life since I was 7, 8 year old — and also the hesitancy is, gosh, you virtually feel tension of telling facets of her life that room so tragic," Bryan told Willie.


"You worry around people at house just yes, really wondering why this lot tragedy and also unfortunate things have actually happened in my life," the singer added.

Still, the Georgia indigenous knows that many viewers will be able to relate come his pain. In fact, that filmed "Luke Bryan: my Dirt roadway Diary," i m sorry premiered Friday top top IMDb TV, in part, to help fans heal from their very own tragedies.


"I need to remember over there are civilization out over there that have actually gone through similar stuff that ns have," he said. "And therefore me telling my story of just how we acquire through this as a family, you pray and you feel choose you"re going to help some people."

"At the end of the day, that"s really what we"re trying to do," that continued. "We"re tryin" to just tell the story of mine dirt roadway diary."

During his one-on-one v Willie, Bryan likewise played a snippet of his new single, "Songs You never Heard," i m sorry he wrote for his late brother.

Remembering Chris, who was his ideal friend and biggest supporter, while working on the song gained Bryan feeling emotional.


"I tell friend what. Once you"re in the minute of trying come really catch it right, it"s very emotional. Periodically the songwriters will cry. Sometimes I"ll cry," that said.

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After Bryan mutual the song with his wife and also several friends, castle told the it touched their hearts, too.

"I"ve had actually some buddies from home hear it, and they obtain emotional," the singer recalled. "I mean, once you"re in a van with among your hometown boys, and they begin crying ... It"s what writing a track is every about."

"My brother didn"t obtain to check out ... My career. Mine sister did acquire to view a segment of my career, and also she got to gain some of it. Climate my brother-in-law really gained to view the success coming together, and also so they all got to experience it in various ways," that added. "It"s a moment where you"re like, "Man, what would it be like if they"re here?" but that wasn"t the plan. There"s a lot of of world out over there that"s obtained the very same questions."



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