NORTH Carolina representative Madison Cawthorn was affiliated in a serious automobile crash in 2014.

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But what occurred to him and also is the in a wheelchair? listed below is everything you'll must know...


Madison Cawthorn was associated in a serious car accident in 2014 that left that paralyzed native the waist downCredit: Splash

Who is Madison Cawthorn?

Cawthorn, 26, is an American politician right now serving together the us Representative for North Carolina's 11th congressional district.

The 26-year-old is a member that the Republican party.

Elected into Congress in 2020, Cawthorn is the youngest member that Congress due to the fact that Jed Johnson Jr in the 1990s.

Cawthorn operated as a staffer in former White residence chief the staff mark Meadow's ar office from 2015 come 2016.

In the in march 2020 Republican major for north Carolina's 11th conference district, Cawthorn finished second behind Lynda Bennett, who had been endorsed both by former President Donald Trump and also Meadows.

However, Bennett go not get the compelled 30 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff and Cawthorn won the June runoff overwhelmingly.





Cawthorn's win was considered an upset.

In April 2021, the Cawthorn married his fiancée Bayardelle, composing on Twitter, "On April 3rd of 2014 mine life changed. A car accident put me in a wheelchair and dashed my hopes for a future.

"On April 3rd of 2021, my life has once again changed. Marrying Cristina Bayardelle, currently Cristina Cawthorn is the biggest honor, privilege and also adventure of mine life," the added.

What taken place in Madison Cawthorn's accident?

In 2014, Cawthorn, who at the time was 18, was hurt while returning from a spring-break pilgrimage from Florida.

He was riding together a passenger in a BMW X3 SUV close to Daytona Beach, Florida as soon as his girlfriend Bradley Ledford fell asleep behind the wheel.

The SUV crashed right into a concrete barrier while Cawthorn's feet were on the dashboard.

In a 2017 speech, Cawthorn stated that Ledford left that "to dice in a fiery tomb," however, Ledford publicly discussed this in 2021 saying the he pulled Cawthorn from the wreck once he escaped the car.

In your depositions, Cawthorn declared that he had "no memory from the accident," when Ledford claimed that he had helped rescue an unconscious Cawthorn.

The injuries from the accident left Cawthorn partly paralyzed native the belt down, and he now uses a wheelchair.

Cawthorn presented his fiancée to the public in a tweet native October 2020, explicate Bayardelle as an anesthesiologist assistant and also a CrossFit athlete.

Bayardelle said that the couple met v a shared friend and also “hit the off,” and also after 4 months “knew he was the one.” 

Is Madison Cawthorn in a wheelchair?

Yes, Cawthorn is in a wheelchair after ending up being paralysed native the belt down.

What go Bradley Ledford say around the crash?

In an interview with People, Ledford increased on what happened immediately after the crash - and how he and Cawthorn have actually repaired your bond.

"Him and also I have been through so lot together," Ledford called the outlet.

He and also Cawthorn had been return to north Carolina indigenous a feather break pilgrimage in Florida in April 2014 when, together Ledford later told police, started "dozing off."

Ledford veered from the interstate, crashing his father's SUV right into a concrete barricade going about 65 miles every hour.

Cawthorn had actually been sleeping in the passenger seat, reclined back with his legs on the dashboard.

Cawthorn experienced "incapacitating" and "life-threatening" injuries, together the auto erupted right into flames virtually immediately ~ impact.

Ledford claimed he easily "recognized the Maddy to be unconscious and was realizing the the situation was getting worse and also worse."

Ledford described how he moved toward Cawthorn and felt an intense warmth on his best arm, climate realized flames to be engulfing the back fifty percent of the SUV.

He make the efforts to open the driver-side door come escape, however it to be jammed. The tried come kick the end the windshield, but it wouldn't budge.

Instead, Ledford said, he reached over Cawthorn and also punched out the passenger window.

He climbed out, landed on the concrete and also immediately turned roughly to unbuckle Cawthorn, through whom he pleaded to wake up, that says.

"While i was pulling him out of the window, a bystander come by and also helped me lug him away from the car," Ledford said.

"I remember his leg to be pretty badly reduced from the accident and also we were sitting top top the next of the interstate," Ledford recalled.

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"So i took mine shirt off and wrapped it approximately his leg and then simply kind of continued to be with him until the paramedics obtained there."

On election night in November 2020, Cawthorn gathered his family and also friends in anticipation of a victory, and joining him to be Ledford.