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Queen that France

The two imperial cousins married in June 1660. Before her marriage, Maria Theresa renounced all claims to her father’s throne. However, this renunciation was dependent on the payment that a huge dowry, and this was never fulfilled. The young brand-new Queen the France was not generally considered beautiful by the French court. She forehead was considered rather also high, and also her mouth fairly too large. However, her Hapsburg ancestry gave her respectability and, her gentle and demure nature would serve her well at the French court.

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King luigi would never be a faithful husband, yet thankfully Maria Theresa would find a faithful girlfriend in her mother-in-law (and aunt) ann of Austria. The two native Spanish women would spend time visiting convents and also other spiritual institutions. Regardless of Louis’ infidelity, in beforehand 1661 Maria Theresa became pregnant and later the year ~ above the first of November (to the joy of France), a boy was born. Louis, the cool Dauphin (as he would certainly be known) showed up to take after his mom in temperament and intelligence. Sadly, Louis would be the just child of Maria Theresa and louis XIV to do it to adulthood.

Final Years

Rumours have survived claiming that whilst married to Louis, Maria Theresa gave bear to an illegitimate child; Louise Marie Therese (The black color Nun of Moret). Louise it s her would later on be convinced of her royal heritage and would be mentioned in the memoirs of many contemporaries.

The Queen would at some point tolerate her husband’s many mistresses. The Queen even graciously forgave Louis’ mistress Louise de La Valliere when she begged the Queen because that forgiveness prior to departing to a convent. In later on years, the King’s mistress, madame de Maintenon would certainly attempt come reconcile the King come the Queen, who had actually been neglected by her husband for countless years. With these tiny actions, the Queen would certainly forever organize Maintenon in high esteem.

Unexpectedly, and also at the tender age of forty-five, Maria Theresa died of a suddenly illness. Upon hearing of she death, the King said:” In the twenty-three years during which i lived v the Queen, she offered me not a single anxiety, nor did she once oppose mine will”. Her just living child, The cool Dauphin, would not live to success his father together King.

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One of her grandsons eventually inherited she Spanish claims and also succeeded to the Spanish throne as King Philip V of Spain.