The NFL has been slowly proving that is attraction together the most attractive sports organization on the planet. And also there will be no doubt the the owner of NFL teams room millionaires or billionaires. However, have actually you ever wondered: “Who is the poorest NFL owner?” If you room curious and want to uncover the answer, climate Scott Fujita wrote this article to answer it because that you!

Who is the poorest NFL owner?

The prize is the owner that Oakland Raiders, mark Davis. V a network worth of around $500 million, mark Davis is most likely the poorest ceo in the NFL.

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Martha Ford – the owner of Detroit Lions

8. Martha Ford, Detroit Lions/Forbes net worth: $1.4 billion

An heir come the family’s automotive fortune, Ford wiped the end the Lions management from the key office in 2014 as soon as she took over to reboot the franchise, which had frequently struggled because that years.

The Lions just finished their third season in 4 years because that the first time due to the fact that 1997. Your two ideal players of those decades, re-run Barry Sanders and also player Calvin Johnson, have retired. Retired while still in the prime.

New head coach Matt Patricia and also quarterback Matthew Stafford will try to push the team closer to its an initial Super bowl appearance in 2018 and beyond.

9. Invoice Bidwill, Arizona Cardinal/Forbes network worth: $1.4 billion

The Bidwill household has owned Cardinals due to the fact that 1932, and Forbes values ​​the franchise at $2.15 exchange rate this year.

Arizona has had one Super bowl appearance and five playoff berths because moving to the desert about three years ago. Rookie very first choice mockery Rosen could soon arise as a franchise midfielder and elevate the team’s reputation.

10. Man Mara & Steve Tisch, brand-new York Giants/Combined network Worth Report: $1.7 Billion

Forbes now has actually Tisch in ~ $1.2 billion today, and also Mara in ~ $500 million by ESPN in 2015. Both of your fathers provided to very own giants, and also the franchise continues to grow. As one of the the strongest brands in skilled sports.

Mara join the Giants in the 1980s together his family members has been steeped in NFL background since that inception, if Tisch had a solid career as a film producer before shifting focus an ext to football.

The Giants are tied to the Los Angeles Lakers together the eighth most an useful sports brand this year, follow to Forbes, through $3.3 billion.

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Final Words

So now you recognize the exactly answer come the question: “Who is the poorest NFL owner?” climate right? regardless of being the poorest on the list, Mike Davis’s total net worth is tho respectable. That makes perfect sense when he is the owner of a team in the NFL – among the most attractive sporting activities leagues on the planet.