Roseanne spin-off The Conners revealed the root cause of Becky"s trouble with alcohol on Wednesday"s (April 21) episode.

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During critical night"s episode on alphabet in the US, "Cheating, Revelations and also a box of Doll Heads", Becky (Lecy Goranson) described that her husband mark tragically passed far after enduring a freak accident.

Actor glenn Quinn played note in the original series. He passed away in 2002 that a medicine overdose.

Mark"s fatality was referenced throughout Roseanne"s rebirth season, but it to be never confirmed how he died. In the recent episode, Becky revealed during a family therapy session the his passing to be the factor she started drinking, explaining that it helped her cope through her grief.


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She said: "I didn"t want to feel anything because that a while, and then a if turned into years. I can"t assist thinking if he to be still here, maybe all of this would be different."

Dan (John Goodman) didn"t see things the same method as Becky, however. After a long time in the making, that told his daughter just how he really felt about Mark, saying the he destroyed Becky"s life when he convinced her to drop out of school at the period of 17 to relocate to Minnesota.

While note promised that Becky would make it to college, she never did as he took she college money. After Dan and also Roseanne sent it, mark used it come pay because that mechanic college which he climate dropped out of.

"He shouldn"t have taken my college money and also I to be a small angry at him for several of the points he did that screwed up mine life," Becky responded.


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But Becky insisted that it wasn"t totally Mark"s fault, adding: "I was so stupid. I didn"t desire to drop out and also move. I wanted to go to college, however I was so afraid to shed him. And also then I finished up shedding him anyway.

"I"ve wasted so much time. I preserved telling myself, over and also over again, that i was going to stop drinking and get earlier on track, and also now I"m so far behind.

"I"ll never record up. Remember exactly how proud you were when I said I to be going to be a doctor?"

In Becky"s minute of vulnerability, she father stepped up and wrapped his arms about her, reassuring her: "I"ve constantly been proud the you and never much more than now."

The Conners airs on abc in the US.

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