Martin Luther King Jr. To be a society activist and Baptist minister who played a vital role in the American polite rights movement from the mid-1950s till his assassination in 1968. King search equality and human legal rights for african Americans, the financially disadvantaged and all victims of unjust through peaceful protest. He was the driving pressure behind watershed occasions such together the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 march on Washington, which aided bring around such landmark legislation as the Civil civil liberties Act and the Voting legal rights Act. King to be awarded the Nobel tranquility Prize in 1964 and is remembered yearly on young name Luther King Jr. Day, a U.S. Federal holiday since 1986.

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When to be Martin Luther King Born?

Martin Luther King Jr. Was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, the 2nd child of young name Luther King Sr., a pastor, and also Alberta Williams King, a previous schoolteacher.

Along with his enlarge sister Christine and also younger brother Alfred Daniel Williams, he prospered up in the city’s Sweet Auburn neighborhood, then house to several of the most prominent and prosperous african Americans in the country.

Did you know? The last section of martin Luther King Jr.’s eloquent and iconic “I have a Dream” decided is thought to have actually been mostly improvised.

A gifted student, King to visit segregated public schools and also at the age of 15 was admitted to Morehouse College, the alma mater that both his father and also maternal grandfather, whereby he studied medicine and also law.

Although he had not to plan to follow in his father’s footsteps by involvement the ministry, he adjusted his mind under the mentorship the Morehouse’s president, Dr. Benjamin Mays, an significant theologian and outspoken support for racial equality. After graduating in 1948, King entered Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, wherein he earned a Bachelor of big degree, winner a prestigious fellowship and was elected president the his mostly white an elderly class.

King climate enrolled in a graduate routine at Boston University, perfect his coursework in 1953 and also earning a doctorate in organized theology 2 years later. When in Boston the met Coretta Scott, a young singer from Alabama that was studying at the brand-new England Conservatory that Music. The couple wed in 1953 and settled in Montgomery, Alabama, wherein King became pastor the the Dexter path Baptist Church.

The monarchs had 4 children: Yolanda Denise King, young name Luther King III, Dexter Scott King and Bernice Albertine King.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

The King family had to be living in Montgomery for less than a year when the extremely segregated city ended up being the epicenter that the burgeoning struggle for civil rights in America, galvanized through the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision the 1954.

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, secretary that the regional chapter of the national Association because that the advance of Colored civilization (NAACP), refused to give up she seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery bus and was arrested. Activists combination a bus boycott the would continue for 381 days. The Montgomery Bus Boycott placed a severe economic strain on the general public transit system and also downtown company owners. They made decision Martin Luther King Jr. Together the protest’s leader and official spokesman.

By the time the can be fried Court ruled segregated seating on windy buses unconstitutional in November 1956, King—heavily influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and also the activist Bayard Rustin—had gotten in the national spotlight together an inspirational proponent of organized, nonviolent resistance.

King had also become a target for white supremacists, who firebombed his family members home the January.

On September 20, 1958, Izola Ware Curry walked into a Harlem department keep where King to be signing books and asked, “Are you Martin Luther King?” when he responded “yes,” she stabbed that in the chest with a knife. King survived, and also the attempted assassination only reinforced his dedication come nonviolence: “The experience of these last few days has deepened my belief in the relevance of the heart of nonviolence, if crucial social readjust is peacefully to take place.”

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Southern Christian leadership Conference

Emboldened through the success the the Montgomery Bus Boycott, in 1957 he and other civil legal rights activists—most the them fellow ministers—founded the southern Christian management Conference (SCLC), a group committed come achieving full equality because that African Americans through nonviolent protest.

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The SCLC motto was “Not one hair that one head of one human being should it is in harmed.” King would continue to be at the helm that this significant organization until his death.