Prince Harry, Britain’s many eligible bachelor, is no longer quite so eligible complying with the announcement of his engagement to California-born actress and also United nations advocate Meghan Markle.

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The newly-engaged pair, that revealed their engagement ~ above Nov.27, dated because that at least 15 months before Prince bother popped the question. Despite having their relationship under heavy scrutiny through the global press, the couple has do a valiant effort at keeping their romance as private as possible, showing up in public just a handful of buzzpatterson.coms together since confirming their union.

Here’s what you should know around the royal connection on everyone’s lips:

How did Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle meet?

Prince Harry, 33, and Los Angeles-born Markle, 36, met for the an initial in London in July 2016, as soon as they were introduced by a mutual friend, Markle confirmed in an interview v Vanity Fair in September.

How long have actually Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle dated?

A close friend of Harry’s evidenced to human being in so late October 2016 that the pair had actually been date seriously for roughly two months, an interpretation as that Nov. 2017 the pair have been with each other for around 15 months.

On Nov. 8 2016, the imperial Kensington royal residence released a public statement in i beg your pardon Markle was described as Harry’s girlfriend for the first The unprecedented statement condemned the “wave that abuse and also harassment” Markle had actually been subjected to. “Prince harry is worried about Ms. Markle’s safety and is deep disappointed the he has actually not been able to defend her,” it said. “It is not ideal that a few months into a connection with him that Ms. Markle should be based on such a storm.”

When have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared together in public?

Prince Harry and Markle were photographed in public together for the an initial in Dec. 2016, shopping for a Christmas tree at the Pines and also Needles keep in London. A few days later on they to be spotted while on a day to view the hit play The Curious incident of the Dog in the in London’s West End. The mainly before, Harry had made a 1,700-mile detour from his tourism of the Caribbean to visit Markle at her Toronto home.

Markle attend her very first public event with harry in may this year, at the Coworth Park Polo society in Ascot, England. Later on that month, she attended part of the wedding that Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, to financier James Matthews. Harry to be photographed steering the actress into the Middleton residence later that day after ~ picking her up from London after ~ the ceremony. In March, Markle joined Prince Harry at a wedding in Jamaica for among his close friends.

The pair do their first public appearance together at the opened ceremony of the global Invictus games in Toronto, Canada, in September. They hosted hands in ~ a wheelchair tennis event and also spent v Markle’s mother, Doria.


Meghan Markle and also Prince Harry to visit wheelchair tennis on job 3 that the Invictus games Toronto 2017 ~ above September 25, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

What have they said about each other?

Markle commented on her connection for the very first in September, in she interview with Vanity Fair in i beg your pardon she described Harry together her “boyfriend” many buzzpatterson.coms. “We’re a couple,” she told the magazine. “We’re in love. I’m certain there will certainly be a when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, yet I hope what civilization will know is the this is our”

She added: “This is for us. It’s part of what provides it therefore special, the it’s simply ours. However we’re happy. Personally, i love a great love story.”

Prince Harry has actually not commented around the relationship fairly as candidly as Markle; however, the did tell rivals at the Invictus gamings in September that his girlfriend to be “loving” the event. “I request him how his girlfriend to be enjoying it and also he claimed ‘she loves it, she’s loving the games,’ which is awesome,” previous U.S. Air pressure master sergeant Kyle Burnett called reporters. It was the first the Prince publicly spoke around Markle adhering to the strongly-worded explain the Kensington royal residence issued in November.

The pair have actually hinted at their feelings in the direction of each other in non-vocal ways. In February this year, Prince bother was checked out wearing his half of a matching His & hair bracelet set on the sheathe of Town and also Country magazine. The resemblance of the blue-beaded piece of jewelry to a bracelet Markle to be pictured put on on her Instagram web page two months prior to was no coincidence.

What will Prince Harry and also Markle’s wedding it is in like?

The occasion will take location in spring 2018, however details around the nuptials stay under wraps. Prince Harry and Markle could opt for a large royal wedding choose Prince William and also Duchess Kate’s 2011 nuptials or pick a low-key consciousness somewhere external of London, such together St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Harry’s father, Prince Charles, had a business of blessing through his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, in 2005.

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As for the honeymoon, Antigua’s prime Minister invite Harry to spend his honeymoon on the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda throughout a visit in Nov. 2016 (making the royal revolve “bright red,” follow to resources on the ground). Sadly, the islands were badly fight by this year’s hurricane season for this reason the royal pair might have to look elsewhere.