During his cancer battle, Michael Douglas never feared fatality — or also thought the it together a possibility.

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The actor, 74, win cancer in 2011, and is admitting that death was not something the contemplated as he fought the disease.

“It’s weird, ns know, however during the whole period of chemotherapy and radiation, it never ever crossed mine mind that I can die,” Douglas recently told French outlet Paris Match.

The actor was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010, and underwent chemotherapy and radiation come fight the disease, which was at stage IV.

“My mother was 92 as soon as she died” that continued. “My father, the recently commemorated his 102nd birthday. I have never believed much about death or aging.”

After effectively beating the disease in 2011, Douglas uncovered a newfound appreciation because that life. Today, his daughter reminds the of the life he has ahead of him.



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“It’s mainly my 16-year-old daughter, Carys, who provides me realize how old ns am,” that told the magazine. “She often tells me: ‘Do girlfriend realize, dad, that as soon as I’m 25 years old you’ll be 83?’ as soon as she defines to me that she’s afraid ns won’t be here when she it s okay married, tears come to my eyes.”

He continued, “At the height of my career, i dreamed the the day as soon as I would have actually time to it is in bored. This time has actually arrived, yet after 2 weeks without work, I begin going approximately in circles. And my obsession now is not to garbage time.”

“I examine every 6 months,” he explained of his health and wellness checkups. “I believe, and I hope, the I’ve escaped. One thing is certain, mine cancer has made me a free man.”

In 2013, Douglas courted debate when, request if the regretted smoking and also drinking byThe Guardian, he explained that his throat cancer to be actually brought about by dental sex.

“No. Because, there is no wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is led to by HPV , which actually comes around from cunnilingus,” the said.



“But yeah, it’s a sexuallytransfer an illness that reasons cancer,” the gibbs continued. “And if you have actually it, cunnilingus is additionally the ideal cure because that it.”

The internet easily grew upset at the actor because that his comments, top Douglas to concern a clarify on his statements.

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“Michael Douglas did no say cunnilingus was the cause of his cancer,” his rep claimed in a statement. “It was debated that dental sex is a suspected reason of details oral cancers as doctors in the article suggest out, but he did no say it was the particular cause the his personal cancer.”

His remarks did offer to advanced awareness about HPV’s role in a certain form of dental cancer, specific those classified as oropharyngeal cancer, a cancer that affects the back 3rd of the tongue, the soft palate, the next and earlier walls of the throat and the tonsils. However experts said that the clarification remained in order.

“Oral sex doesn’t reason oral cancer,” stated Dr. Maura Gillison, a head and neck clinical oncologist and also professor at Ohio State University substantial Cancer Center. “It’s a way by which to acquire an epidemic that rarely causes cancer.”

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