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Work it, girl! Morgan Fairchild expose she’s feeling “great” after she “lost 30 pounds” on her brand-new health journey. The Flamingo Road actress speak Closer Weekly she had the ability to drop the weight many thanks to a routine on the ketogenic or “keto” diet.


“It’s dubbed Ideal Protein — it’s like pre-packaged stuff,” the 70-year-old beauty shared in an to exclude, interview. “I have actually my fake oatmeal every morning and then salads. You know it’s a very specific diet. It’s not a hard diet … the just an extremely specific. If friend cheat at all, friend don’t lose the weight … yet I’ve been an extremely disciplined.”


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The Seduction star claims it wasn’t till she began “Googling ‘black mold"” that she associated the two together. “I said, ‘oh my God, inexplicable weight gain!"” she continued. “I never had actually a weight problem because I’m no an eater, I’m not a food human … so even once i realized what it was, i still didn’t know exactly how to settle it.”

Morgan dished she was lastly able come take regulate of she weight once she “stumbled ~ above this guy” that was eating an ideal Protein meal at the doctor’s office. After receiving some advice from “a mold specialist,” Morgan joined the program and also “just began dropping weight like crazy,” she marveled.

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“You do need to stick to the diet,” the soap opera alum insisted. “But it’s good because i don’t cook. I median I yes, really don’t cook. So it’s just pre-packaged foods.”

Morgan says the program is specifically manageable due to the fact that she’s by herself in quarantine between the coronavirus. “I don’t have actually to cook for anybody and I don’t need to worry around getting a ton the groceries due to the fact that I don’t eat,” she explains. “So i’m sticking come that and trying to lose more weight while we’re right here in quarantine.”

Although the Falcon Crest actress is talk solo in lockdown, she still has the assistance of she longtime boyfriend, Mark Seiler. Morgan told Closer she businessman beau, 69, is “in a education home,” however insists “they’re taking very an excellent care that him.”

Morgan even reveals they’ve been keeping in touch in spite of their separation. “I speak to mark a lot of ,” she gushes. “It’s nice.”

Be certain to catch Morgan in the brand-new soap opera, Mélange, airing top top LOGOtv’s digital platforms. Click here for much more information!