As the Pope declared Mother Teresa a saint, cheers rang the end from the crowd of thousands in St Peter's Square

Mother Teresa, revered because that her job-related with the negative in India, has been proclaimed a saint through Pope Francis in a ceremony in ~ the Vatican.

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Francis stated St Teresa had defended the unborn, sick and also abandoned, and had shamed human being leaders because that the "crimes of poverty they us created".

Two obvious cures of sick world after mommy Teresa's fatality in 1997 have actually been attributed to her intercession.

In India, a distinct Mass was commemorated at the Missionaries that Charity, the order she started in Kolkata (Calcutta).

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Cardinal Angelo Amato review a quick biography of mother Teresa's work, climate asked the Pope to canonise her in the name of the Church.

Pope Francis responded: "We declare and also define Blessed Teresa the Calcutta to it is in a saint and also we enrol her among the saints, decreeing that she is to it is in venerated thus by the entirety Church."

The Pope said mommy Teresa had spent she life "bowing down prior to those that were spent, left to dice on the side of the road, seeing in them their God-given dignity".

He added: "She made her voice heard prior to the powers of the world, so that they might recognise their guilt because that the crime of poverty they us created." He climate repeated: "The crimes of poor they us created."

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Despite the intense heat, the atmosphere among the pilgrims in St Peter's Square was among joy, and also the organization a solemn event of the life of this especially woman.

Teresa was born an country Albanian, and the Albanian flag was lot in evidence, as was the distinctive white habit, trimmed v blue stripes, worn through the nuns of she order, the Missionaries that Charity.

In his homily of St Teresa's work, Pope Francis stated she had actually shone a irradiate in the darkness of the countless who no longer had actually tears to melted for your poverty and also suffering. It was clear the her life reflect the type of Church that this Pope is trying come build: one that reflects mercy come all and offers practical assist for the poorest and also for every those in need.

Although critics have sought to portray St Teresa together a sinner and a hypocrite, she supporters have actually been just as vocal in she defence, an overwhelming those doubters to live their lives the way St Teresa did, prior to they actors the very first stone.

Hundreds the Missionaries of Charity sisters attended the event, in addition to 13 top of state or government.

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Some 1,500 homeless people across Italy were likewise brought to Rome in buses to be offered seats the honour in ~ the solemn event - and also then a pizza lunch served by 250 nuns and also priests of the sister of Charity order.

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One pilgrim, Charlotte Samba native Gabon, told linked Press: "Her heart, she provided it to the world. Mercy, forgiveness, an excellent works. It is the love of a mother for the poor."