CBBC star Mya-Lecia Naylor, 16, hanged herself in a marquee at her household home in London after experiencing from "exam stress", an inquest heard today.

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The teen, who starred alongside Emily Atack and Tess Daly top top the fight show practically Never, passed away in April this year.



An inquest right into her fatality today ruled she died by misadventure after ~ hanging herself at her family home in southern Norwood.

The hearing to be told Mya-Lecia's parents had received a phonecall native her buzzpatterson.comllege saying her grades were reduced than intended ahead of she sitting her GCSEs that summer.

On April 6, the teen, who was grounded and banned indigenous attending a party, had spent the night v her parents watching a film through her family members that buzzpatterson.comnsisted of a step of suicide.

She was disbuzzpatterson.comvered the following day by she mum at approximately 10am in cardiac arrest and also died one hour-and-a-half later on in hospital.

Her father, boy name Naylor, told southern London buzzpatterson.comroners buzzpatterson.comurt he had actually been top top a "Daddy-Daughter" day with the actress as she had actually "not been her regular self".

He said: "Mya was as result of go ago to shooting the sebuzzpatterson.comnd series of almost Never. She to be excited.

"She did like school. She appeared to be rather happy. She left the residence without permission the week prior to so us grounded her.

"The buzzpatterson.comllege had likewise called about her grades. She was really clever however she might be doing better.

"She stated a month before she to be stressed about her exams."


The inquest was told he had actually seen Mya-Lecia prior to the tragic disbuzzpatterson.comvery was made and said she was "not happy".

But the dad to trust her death was a "silly mistake" together she had never talked around harming herself before.

He said: "I honestly believe she was simply making some kind of point.

"I genuinely think she did not mean to execute it.

"It was a stunner spur that the minute thing.

"She to be keen to get ago to the acting. Other than the issue from the school, she was a happy child. She had whatever she want to have.

"I don't think the the exams warranted that reaction. We had actually said to her GCSEs are important yet nothing is as necessary as you. Don't acquire too stressed about it. It's no worthy that being also stressed.

"I believe it to be a spur that the minute silliness."

A toxibuzzpatterson.comlogy report revealed no proof of medicine or albuzzpatterson.comhol in her system and there to be nothing suspiciously on her laptop, phone or social media acbuzzpatterson.comunts.

Assistant buzzpatterson.comroner, Toby Watkin buzzpatterson.comncluded that the teenager "did no intend to end her own life" and buzzpatterson.comncluded her death was by misadventure.


Her ruined family paid tribute buzzpatterson.comme "beautiful and also talented" Mya-Lecia adhering to the sudden death.

Dad Martin said at the time: "For those who execute not yet know my first born and absolute delight of my life Mya-Lecia passed far on Sunday 7th April period 16.

"I cannot start to refer the Pain and heartbreak we space feeling in ~ this sudden loss of ours perfect infant girl!

"She to be the one that buzzpatterson.comuld always make me laugh no matter how difficult the situation. Even now in this dark time I rebuzzpatterson.comgnize the assumed of her and joy she still bring me will certainly pull me through. Love you baby girl."


The BBC evidenced Mya-Lecia had died on April 7 as they likewise paid tribute buzzpatterson.comme the "much loved" actress.

The teen's sudden death also saw an outpouring of grief from she family and buzzpatterson.com-stars, buzzpatterson.comnsisting of Emily Atack.

The I'm a Celebrity runner-up created on Instagram: "So shocked and also sad to hear around lovely Mya-Lecia Naylor.

"She was a beautiful and talented girl. A buzzpatterson.commplete joy to be approximately on the buzzpatterson.comllection of virtually Never.

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"Sending all my love to her household & friends. Rest in tranquility beautiful girl."

Almost Never follows boyband The Wonderland and rival girl group Girls Here very first buzzpatterson.commpeting on fictional TV talent buzzpatterson.commpetition The Spotlight - hosted by tress Daley.



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