Florida school shooting doubt Nikolas Cruz, might legally acquisition an AR-15 layout weapon under federal law, also though he was barred native buying a handgun.

Nikolas Cruz no old sufficient to sip a beer, however federal law allowed the 19-year-old come buy a weapon an effective enough to kill 17 civilization in a matter of minutes.

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he is now encountering murder fees in Wednesday’s attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland — the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook.

Cruz purchase the smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle in February 2017 indigenous Sunrise Tactical it is provided in Coral Springs, officials said.

Cruz pass a background check, which looks in ~ criminal background and whether someone has been uncovered to be “mentally defective” through a court, stated Peter Forcelli, the special agent in charge of the office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in southern Florida.

Parkland gunman cannot depend on system failures in fight because that his life, referee rules »

as is the situation in most states, Floridians have the right to buy assault-style tools from federally licensed dealers once they reach period 18. Federal legislation requires a human being be at least 21 years old to acquisition a handgun.

Attorneys representing the gun shop owners said nothing about Cruz increased a red flag, and also all state and federal laws were followed. The keep is owned by Michael and also Lisa Morrison, follow to the Florida room of State.

Douglas Rudman, a lawyer representing the Morrisons, defined the owners as “good household people” that were “shocked and also mortified anything prefer this might happen.”

they would favor to see more powerful regulations on flagging mental condition during elevator checks, he said.

“The Morrisons sold a lawful weapon to someone that was holy ghost ill,” Rudman said. “Someone who dropped through the cracks. … Someone that was not placed into any sort that database, and also someone that was essentially allowed to walk unchecked before walking into this store and also purchasing a firearm.’’

not everyone who voluntarily seeks mental wellness treatment is barred native buying a gun in Florida. Cruz remained in mental health treatment till 14 months ago, as soon as he stopped going, Broward market Beam Furr said.

Gun keep employees had no expertise of Cruz’s medical background because the didn’t have to be report to them, the attorneys said.

Stuart Kaplan, an lawyer representing the business, referred to as for raising the period to 21 to purchase an AR-15-style weapon, yet he stated the law permitted for the weapon to be legally offered to a teenager at the moment of sale.

Sunrise Tactical it is provided is tucked far in a suburban shopping center in Coral Springs. The shop is sandwiched between Just kids Hairstyling and also a an individual wellness center.

The save will it is in closed “for the foreseeable future” out of respect for the world killed in Parkland, Rudman said. The attorneys did no say the store would prevent selling AR-15-style guns.


Florida has repeatedly failure in its efforts to keep firearms away native mentally ill people who are a risk to us or others, a sun Sentinel investigation has found.

One picture posted come Cruz’s Instagram account showed a fifty percent dozen weapons on his bed, but the attorneys said Sunrise Tactical sold just one gun come Cruz.

The Gun control Act of 1968 enhanced the period to purchase a handgun to 21 but collection the period for rifles and long guns at 18, claimed William Vizzard, an experienced on total laws and a professor at Sacramento State University.


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“Nobody bought them,” said Vizzard, a previous ATF distinct agent. “Long firearms were seen in different ways when the law was passed, and nobody has actually made a concerted initiative to change that. They were every American and also used for hunting and target shooting. The market has shifted.”

however AR-15-style weapons have also emerged as a common choice for massive shooters. AR-15-style weapons were provided at Sandy Hook, las Vegas, mountain Bernardino, Calif., Sutherland Springs, Texas, and also Aurora, Colo.

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While much more powerful rifles exist, AR-15-style firearms are problematic because they are light, simple to conceal, have little recoil and also can carry huge volumes that ammunition, Vizzard said.

“They are really deadly in mass shootings,” he said. “They are basic to shoot, and they carry a lot of rounds.”