abc News reported that the shooter had failed a previous gun purchase background check since he had actually been diagnosed v a mental illness.

by Brandon Formby Sept. 3, 20193 PM main


regulation enforcement police officers stand external the movie theater in Odessa where a gunman was killed in a shootout with police. Credit: Eli Hartman/USA today NETWORK passport Reuters
The 36-year-old guy who fatally shot seven people and also wounded 22 others in West Texas top top Saturday purchased his weapon in a private person-to-person sale, permitting him to avoid a background check, follow to many reports Tuesday.

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The shooter, Seth Aaron Ator, to be federally prohibition from own a firearm, abc News reported. Yet in Texas, person-to-person sales carry out not require background checks.

Authorities to speak Ator provided a rifle in a shooting main actor in Odessa and also Midland soon after being fired indigenous his job. The rampage started after 2 Texas room of Public safety and security troopers pulled him over for a traffic violation and also he shot and also wounded among the troopers. The then started driving approximately Midland and also Odessa, randomly firing in ~ people. In ~ some suggest he ditched his car, fatally shoot a 29-year-old U.S. Postal organization letter carrier and also continued shooting civilization from the postal van.

Details of how the rifle was purchased come a job after Gov. Greg Abbott stated the shooter previously failed a gun acquisition background check, despite Abbott didn"t to speak why. A DPS spokesperson said Tuesday that the fail purchase occurred in 2014, yet didn"t disclose a reason.

But the shooting — the fourth mass shoot in Texas in 4 years — prompted widespread calls for action from state leaders. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated Monday there have to be a “strong look” in ~ the absence of a compelled background checks because that some personal sales.

“And I think as a support of the 2nd Amendment us should defend that household transfer or household sale, but any kind of stranger come stranger — we don’t know how this person obtained the gun — but we do recognize that that’s a genuine loophole in the law, and I think the NRA requirements to get behind the president on the issue and really deal with that issue,” Patrick said.

In the aftermath of an El Paso shooting last month that left 22 dead, Abbott convened a board of directors of lawmakers, activists and also law enforcement to discuss possible responses. The Texas safety and security Commission hosted two meetings critical month and Abbott has actually indicated that the group plans to worry a report through recommendations.

Abbott tweeted Monday night that “we’re working on a legislative package best now.” that didn"t offer any details, however, various other than that “expedited executions for mass murderers would be a nice addition.” ~ above Tuesday, home Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced the they"d each form special legislative committees to find ways to prevent mass violence.

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