Looking back, Nicole Brown-Simpson was the standard victim of battered woman syndrome. The killing investigation figured out sixty-two recorded incidents wherein the Simpsons fought. They resulted in his threatening her life, she seeking protection in women’s shelters, and even the police intervening and also arresting O.J.

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Nicole filed for divorce in February 1992. She cited irreconcilable distinctions rather than recurring assaults and also mental cruelty. In spite of the divorce, O.J. Retained stalking Nicole. She referred to as a women’s shelter 4 days before her death, reporting continuous harassment native O.J. And that a set of secrets for her home were missing.

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown-Simpson attend a run rehearsal for her daughter in Santa Monica, California which is the Los Angeles suburb wherein they lived. O.J. To be there together a legitimate father, and also he attempted come reconcile with her. Nicole refused. She then visited dinner in ~ a restaurant wherein Ron Goldman worked.

Ron Goldman and also Nicole no a romantic item. They to be friends, and Nicole’s mother accidently left her eyeglasses at the restaurant once the dinner party left. When Nicole got home, a phone call verified the glasses were left behind and also Ron Goldman offered to drop them off at Nicole’s residence when he gained off work.

Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman were uncovered stabbed to fatality outside Nicole’s home. They were found by a neighbor at 12:10 a.m. On June 13, 1994. Autopsies suggested their times of fatality to be around 10:30 p.m. On June 12.


I’m no going to go into the fixed of evidence surfaced in the Brown-Goldman investigation and also dealt v in the O.J. Simpson trial. The is far too complicated for a blog post. Unfortunately, that was far too facility for the prosecution team to present, and far, much too complex for a jury come grasp—especially when the Dream Team defense did everything they might do to cloud the jurors’ vision.

In Outrage, Vincent Bugliosi identified five reasons why O.J. Simpson acquired away with murder. I’m convinced he’s right. However, I’m encouraged there’s one more far-ranging reason why the jury nullified Simpson’s indictment. However we’ll begin with Mr. Bugliosi’s points.

1. Media Crime and also Pretrial Coverage influenced the Jury

I have actually no doubt whatsoever the substantial live-media coverage that the slow-speed, white Bronco chase embedded itself in the country psyche. Especially Los Angelers whereby it struggle close to residence as castle scurried come overpasses to watch the scene pass by. You simply don’t forget something together crazy as this.


O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown-Simpson stayed in upscale Santa Monica since that’s wherein their partner lived. O.J. Was no more inner-city black 보다 I am an Ivy organization white. Yes sir a thing in jury typical law that states a person has the ideal to be tried by peers in their regional jurisdiction. (It could even be in the Constitution—yes, just checked. Revised 6 consist of this for united state citizens.) putting the Simpson instance into a downtown LA jury pool, rather than right into a Santa Monica peer-pool—a lesser-educated and also racially various peer-pool—entirely readjusted the social dynamics, and this seriously affected the jury panel’s psyche.

3. The referee Lance Ito Factor

Who can forget the totally-out-of-his league O.J. Simpson trial referee by the surname of Lance Ito? This guy had no much more business running a significant murder trial than I do performing in Carnegie Hall. Man, what a travesty of justice, and he to be sitting ~ above the bench v the whole process.


Bugliosi list dozens that f-ups the prosecutors pulled. Castle didn’t develop O.J.’s engine by fully exposing the battered woman syndrome. They failed to disclose O.J.’s desperation come avoid capture during the Bronco chase. The jury never ever heard that the guilt-admission notes and also the disguise, allow alone the O.J. Simpson’s incriminating declaration made to friends and also the police. All around, Bugliosi paints a portrait that a weary and also beaten pair the prosecutors who just wished the pain would certainly stop.

5. The Prosecutors’ last Submission

Bugliosi leads his reader v a maze the evidence. That sets the scene because that prosecution failure from the onset, and it it s okay worse together the story unfolds. I preserved reading, even though ns wished he’d just shut up and also tell the goddamn story as Stephen King therefore wisely advises in his tutorial come writers.

Clark and also Darden play right into the gyeongju card trap the Dream Team ingeniously set for them. By ingeniously, i don’t average it to be truthfully, morally, or ethically right. It was the defense strategy appropriate from the start, and also the start was blind to it.

O.J. Simpson’s jury was basically black. There were nine black jurors, 2 white jurors, and one spain juror on the panel. They to be sequestered because that 265 work and, if you recognize of the Stockholm Syndrome, you deserve to imagine the long-term affect that confinement had on the jurors.

After eleven month of sole interaction, the O.J. Simpson jurors changed a not guilty decision on all counts after less than four hours that deliberation. Your minds to be made up, and also there was tiny discussion. Unanimously, the O.J. Simpson jury nullified the indictment charging O.J. With murdering Nicole and Ron.

Null? Nullify? Nullified? Nullification? I’ve supplied variances of nullification throughout this piece. In mine opinion, nullification by the jury is the huge reason why O.J. Simpson acquired off murder.

Null is a legit term. You’ve heard of a contract gift “null and void”. Nullify method rejecting the deal and putting an end to it. Because that jury trials, Merriman Webster thesaurus says the means, “Acquitting a defendant in ignore to the judge’s accuse or contradictory to the jury’s detect of fact.”

In the O.J. Simpson indictment, where he stood fee with purposely murdering Nicole Brown-Simpson and also Ron Goldman, the proof was overwhelming the O.J. To be 100% guilty. A remote half-wit would conclude the upon impartially listening the evidence. However, the O.J. Simpson attempt jurors unanimously disregarded the facts, and also their duty to discover the facts and decide to ignore the facts. Their impartial referee was seriously jeopardized by the well-played defense gyeongju card.


At that is core, nullification occurs as soon as a attempt jury will an anti-fact-based verdict once they disagree v the law or they disagree the the state have to be prosecuting the accused. Indictment nullification likewise happens when the cumulative jury wants to make a social statement such together racial inequality or persecution.

There’s nothing to protect against a jury from nullifying an indictment. Once it’s in the jury’s hands, and inside the deliberation room, the theirs to execute what they see fit. They organize no currency. They have no account.

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O.J. Was black. That murdered two whites. The jury to be powerfully black. The device was mainly white. The large reason why O.J. Simpson acquired off murder was since of jury nullification as result of racism.