BEFORE Oscar Pistorius to be convicted the murder, the south African Paralympian to be a worldwide inspiration.

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Pistorius surpassed the limits imposed top top him as a Paralympian after being born v a rare birth defect which affected his legs.


Oscar Pistorius to be an global inspiration prior to being charged v the killing of his girlfriendCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How did Oscar Pistorius shed his legs?

Oscar Pistorius was born there is no calf bones, a rare birth defect recognized as fibular hemimelia.

At simply 11 month old, doctors chose that Pistorius should have actually the lower part of his legs amputated.

Six months later, the southern African baby was teach to to walk on fibreglass pegs. 


The athlete to be born without calf bonesCredit: PA:Press Association

What is fibular hemimelia?

Fibular hemimelia is a rare birth defect the affects 1 in 50,000 babies.

It is the surname for a condition in i beg your pardon a baby is born with an unusually short, or periodically missing fibula - the external of two bones in the lower leg.

 The condition can also influence other bones in the leg, and the ankle and foot.

The cause of the problem aren't known and also treatment is dependence on how badly a child is affected.

In part cases, surgery have the right to fix the limb size difference but in others, amputation and a prosthesis is required.


Pistorius had his reduced legs amputated at simply 11 month oldCredit: Peter Tarry - The Sunday times

When walk Oscar Pistorius begin running?

Growing up, Pistorius participated in plenty of sports, including water polo and rugby in secondary school.

The young sportsman injured his knee in 2003, and took up track together a type of rehabilitation.

It was here that his to run career began.

By 2004, Pistorius had won yellow in the 200-metre acceleration at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games and also took home a copper medal in the 100-metres.

By 2007, Pistorius was running fast enough to compete against able-bodied athletes - but attracted accusations that his high-tech prostheses gave him an an unfair advantage.


Growing up, Pistorius participated in numerous sportsCredit: PA:Press Association

In the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, Pistorius swept up three gold medals in the 100-metres, 200-metres, and also 400-metres.

In London's 2012 games, Oscar Pistorius came to be the first amputee to compete at the Olympics, running in an opening warm of the men's 400-metre sprint.

When is The Trials the Oscar Pistorius on BBC One?

The final component of The Trials that Oscar Pistorius will be aired on BBC 2 on Sunday, November 29 at 9.10pm. 

The collection consists of 4 episodes which aired every Sunday transparent November 2020.

All four episodes will additionally be obtainable to clock on BBC iPlayer.



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The documentary tells the story Pistorius – who went from gift an global sporting hero come a judge murderer, after killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s job 2013.

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Dan McGolpin of BBC iPlayer, says: “This tremendous documentary series provides new perspectives ~ above the damaging events the Valentine’s job 2013, giving us a deeper and also closer look at at one of the world’s most remarkable sporting figures, on the south Africa that he prospered up in and the media circus that surrounded his trial because that the murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

"It’s necessary viewing, and also joins an enormously rich collection of sports documentaries now streaming on BBC iPlayer, consisting of the recently added Lance, and Oscar-winning films like as soon as We were Kings and OJ: make in America.”


Meghan McCain felt favor she'd been 'slapped' when happiness said she 'didn't miss out on her'