Oskar Schindler (second native the right) poses with a group of Jews he rescued one year after ~ the war (1946).

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——US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Leopold web page Photographic Collection


Following the Nazi intrusion of Poland, Oskar Schindler, a German Catholic industrialist, relocated to Kraków and assumed responsibility for the operation of two formerly Jewish-owned manufacturers of enamel kitchenware. The then established his own enamelworks in Zabłocie, external Kraków. That factory came to be a haven for around nine hundreds Jewish workers, giving them relief indigenous the brutality that the Płaszów job camp nearby.

In October 1944 Schindler was granted permission to relocate his defunct enamelworks come Brünnlitz, Czechoslovakia—this time together an armaments factory—and to take through him the Jewish employees from Zabłocie. He thrived in delivering to Brünnlitz around eight hundred Jewish men from the Gross-Rosen camp and three hundred Jewish females from Auschwitz, ensuring their humane treatment and, ultimately, saving their lives.

In 1962, Yad Vashem awarded Schindler the location “Righteous amongst the Nations” in acknowledgment of his humanitarian contribution, and also in 1993, the United states Holocaust Memorial the supervisory board posthumously presented to the the Museum’s Medal that Remembrance. This medal, rarely presented, is intended to respect deserving recipients because that extraordinary deeds throughout the Holocaust and in the reason of Remembrance. Emilie Schindler embraced the medal on behalf of she husband in ~ a awareness in the Museum’s hall of Remembrance.

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