1990's Ghost to be an prompt box office smash and cemented Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore together romcom icons.

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From its well known pottery scene, to making the Righteous brother cool again, to Whoopi Goldberg's scene-stealing performance, Ghost continues to be a fan favourite over 30 years later.

Here are some ghostly facts around the supernatural-romance film the you may not have actually known before:

It to be re-made in Japan

Ghost to be a kind hit in Japan, and two decades it received its own remake.

The 2010 movie was title Ghost: Mouichido Dakishimetai, which approximately translates to 'Ghost: In your Arms Again'.

It spawned a stage musical, and nearly a TV show

The film influenced a musical stage version, Ghost: The Musical. The show premiered Manchester in in march 2011, prior to transferring to London. That has because been staged in assorted tours about the world.

Meanwhile, in 2013, big TV had hired writer-producer Akiva Goldsman and showrunner Jeff Pinkner to compose a pilot based upon the movie.

Sadly, the TV show appears to have actually vanished right into thin air, but surely it's only a matter of time?

Patrick Swayze had flashbacks that his father's death while filming Ghost

Speaking come People in 1990, Patrick stated that filming v the plaster dummy representing his character’s human body reminded that of his father’s funeral, when he almost passed the end from the shock of poignant his father’s body.

“I had actually pushed the memory out of mine life until that minute on place when the all came back, large time,” he said.

“There were a couple of scenes where something taken place to me that was an extremely scary.”

Demi Moore believed Ghost would flop

Speaking at a 2013 AFI Night at the Movies screening of Ghost, Moore revealed the she had reservations about the film.

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“It’s a love story, and also it’s a guy—a dead guy—trying to conserve his wife, and there is a comedy part, however really, yes, really it’s a love story,” Moore said.

“And ns thought, ‘Wow, this is yes, really a recipe because that disaster.’ It’s either going to be something yes, really special, really amazing, or yes, really an pure bust.”

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