In the recent sugar-is-evil news, Patti Stanger, much better known as the Millionaire Matchmaker, claims cutting every sugar from her diet has actually helped the weight “fly off.”

In a recent Instagram post, the 55-year-old confirmed off her impressive bod in a black bikini.

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“#nosugar is working. I"ve been off the negative stuff for over 2 months, and also the weight flies off,” she states in her post. And also when Patti claims no sugar, she means no sugar. Follow to her post, Patti cut processed sugars, man-made sweeteners, and also even fruit from she diet.

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But according to Keri Gans, R.D., author of The small Change Diet, there’s a very large difference in between naturally emerging sugarsand included sugars. Cutting out both cold turkey probably isn’t the best means to go if you’re feather to make a healthy and balanced change.

“We need glucose in ours bodies due to the fact that that’s the body’s preferred fuel,” she says. “You’re not going to acquire that wanted fuel simply by eating lean proteinand healthy and balanced fats.”

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It’s true that the typical American diet is means too saturated with added sweeteners, so cutting ago on the processed stuff absolutely isn’t a negative thing. Yet the naturally arising sugars found in fruits space a an essential part of maintaining our bodies running. (Get after her weight-loss objectives without insane alters with Women"s Health"s body Clock Diet.)

Rather 보다 go come an unhealthy extreme, claims Gans, we must be paying more attention come where added sugars room hiding in our diets. Check the labels on salad dressings, drinks, and also sauces to make sure you’re not sabotaging one otherwise healthy and balanced meal. Friend can likewise dive right into this perform of 56 different names because that sugar, so you recognize what every those funky ingredients are. And don’t feeling guilty about grabbing one apple on your means to the gym.

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