Not too lengthy ago, Paula Deen was a reasonably harmless figure. Sure, not everyone loved she brand of under home, southern cooking, yet she was still provided the respect the comes with celeb status.

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Deen to be pretty lot America"s culinary grandmother, through her satisfied demeanor and Southern accent charming her countless viewers. Because that a time, she appeared to be living the perfect life. Then, in 2013, whatever changed. Accused of racism, Deen"s star toppled and also she disappeared from the general public eye in disgrace. She name became a running joke in the industry, and even her biggest fans to be so horrified that they turned far from Deen. It to be a tragic loss from grace, but Deen didn"t let it prevent her. Though it seemed for a while that she had actually retired in shame, Deen instead bided she time, all while plan her go back to the top. Here"s what really happened to Paula Deen. 

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Paula Deen made things even worse by trying to excuse her poor behavior. She stated that use of the "N word" was usual in her era, and also that she had actually simply to be echoing the racism of her time. Her firm also exit a statement make the efforts to put a historical spin on things, attempting come excuse Deen"s racism on the basis of her age. "She to be born 60 years ago when America"s South had schools that were segregated, different bathrooms, different restaurants and also Americans speak in various parts of the bus," stated her company. "This is no today."

Deen did shot to do amends, yet the public to be not convinced of her sincerity. In a now-deleted video apology, quoted by Eater, Deen claimed "I want to apologize come everybody for the wrong the I"ve done. I desire to learn and also grow from this... Inappropriate and also hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."

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The public remained in a fury that the seemingly sweet Paula Deen had such a sketchy past, and also things began to walk downhill because that the chef. The outcry was shared by Food Network, which decreased to renew Deen"s contract after ~ the scandal erupted. While castle did not publicly describe why they were letting she go, it seems pretty likely that the network want to distance themselves indigenous Deen"s tarnished image.

Food Network was far from the only major company that had actually beef through Deen. The disgraced chef likewise lost a most her other organization connections. Ballantine publications cancelled her book deal, also though she had a cookbook set to it is in released the had become a number one bestseller top top Amazon through pre-orders alone. Other companies, including Walgreens, J.C. Penney, QVC, Walmart, and Target, announced the they would not it is in re-stocking her products once existing inventory had actually been offered off. 

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After the scandal erupted, other shady dealings indigenous Paula Deen"s past came to light. Her previous employee, Dora Charles, revealed a shocking story of just how Deen had taken advantage of the African-American woman she had called her friend and "soul sister." Charles operated with Deen for years as she gathered her company, also helping to construct recipes. Deen promised that she would make Charles well-off one day, however that never happened. "It"s just time the everybody knows that Paula Deen don"t act me the way they think she act me," Charles told The brand-new York Times. She was living in a trailer park in ~ the time.

Even after ~ Deen fight the large time and had come to be a Food Network star, she ongoing paying Charles much less than $10 one hour because that years. Charles said that she additionally frequently heard Deen utilizing racial slurs. "I"m no trying come portray that she is a bad person," she said. "I"m just trying to placed my story out there that she didn"t treat me reasonably and ns was her spirit sister."

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Things could have blown end sooner if it had actually turned out that Paula Deen"s racism yes, really was far in she past. Rather of discovering from the mistakes of her youth, however, it seemed that Deen kept fairly a few bad behavior well right into her later years, and also may have also passed lock on to her kids.

In 2015, a picture from 2011 was post on Deen"s Facebook and also Twitter. In it, Deen and her son, Bobby, room dressed up together Lucy and Ricky Ricardo indigenous the classic show I Love Lucy. That can seem harmless till you notification that Bobby painted his confront dark brown to portray Ricardo (who to be of Latino descent). The public was outraged at the applications of brown face, and allegations that racism were again made versus both Deen and also her son. Deen eliminated the picture after it proved to be controversial, and also fired she social media manager — that she says posted the photo.

Over the years, Paula Deen has obviously found ways to do money, even if she no longer has actually a Food Network present or lucrative partnerships with big box stores. But couple of of them are making us scrape our heads much more than her Halloween Spectacular. In a move that we might never imagine the likes of Ina Garten doing, Deen is do fistfuls of straightforward money hosting Halloween parties. However here"s the kicker: The parties, with 50 random human being each, room not at an event center, or also one of she restaurants. They"re at her home. Follow to Eventbrite, "Paula will invest the afternoon mingling through guests, sharing spooky recipes, hosting festive contests, and also wrapping up the afternoon with a Halloween party..."

Need proof the Deen"s fans have an ext than forgiven her? The four hour occasion was so popular that a 2nd date had to it is in added, and also at $400 a pop, the ticket aren"t specifically cheap. No saying exactly how much of it goes straight into Deen"s pocket, but $40,000 for eight hours of "work" isn"t also shabby.

Does the listing of she Savannah, Georgia mansion say anything about Paula Deen"s jae won situation? We may never know the genuine reason she placed up her "Riverbend" home up because that sale — whether the end of need or just to pad her pockets — yet we do know that together of October 2019 it hasn"t made she a dime.

The huge eight bedroom, eight-and-a-half bathroom, 28,000-square-foot French Provincial estate, complete with two guest cottages, a dock house, 300 feet the waterfront, and also countless various other amenities, has been top top the market since May 2015 as soon as it was noted for $12.5 million. 2 years later, the home had actually still not sold, and also the price was diminished a chuck 30 percent — to $8.75 million — yet even the massive price drop hasn"t motivated a sale. Eventually, the was removed from the market, however chances space she"d still jump at kind offer. Provided Deen"s existing net worth — a cool $14 million, follow to — we deserve to probably assume that she have the right to afford the (scandal it is in damned!), yet the next buyer may be looking in ~ forking over around $44,000 every month come live like Paula.

After being gotten rid of from the air, Paula Deen rotate her attention to her existing restaurants — and some brand-new ones. In 2014, a year after ~ the scandal, Deen began a brand-new firm, Paula Deen Ventures. Soon after the she announced a new 20,000 square foot restaurant and store called Paula Deen"s household Kitchen.

The new restaurant aided keep her company afloat. Paula Deen"s family Kitchen quickly opened much more locations and, together of this writing, operates in Tennessee, southern Carolina, Texas, Alabama, and Florida. Scandal or not, Deen was determined to prove that her cooking an abilities were still deserving that respect. "Paula Deen"s household Kitchen is filled with love and also mouthwatering flavors," she said in a press release. "I deserve to hardly wait to bring some of mine favorite southern dishes... Come the great Smoky Mountains. We space going to offer our meals family style, with huge ol" bowls top top the table, heaping full of fried chicken, collards, fried okra, corn and sweet potatoes."

The news that Paula Deen"s scandal prompted announcements from plenty of of she partners that their endorsement deals were over, yet that didn"t stop the when beloved southern cook from finding new companies to companion with. In 2016, Deen released a clothing line v Evine, which was something she stated she"d to be wanting to perform for years. "It to be a little hard for me to an outbreak of the kitchen since that"s how people think that me," she said People. "But if you notice, I never ever cooked naked. I was always wearing clothes!" speak of not being naked, Deen had some very details requirements for she line: "I don"t know just how to to speak this come you in a nice way, yet it needs to cover my front privates," she said. "I desire my shirttail to cover my front privates and hopefully my back, too. Ns am conscious of "catfish belly" arms. Have actually you ever seen a catfish? friend know how they have actually a smooth floppy belly on them? Well, that"s what we refer to as "catfish belly" arms." Okay, then...

She also, inexplicably, introduced a heat of residence storage and also organization products with Jokari, since who doesn"t want official Paula Deen hangars because that those shirts the cover her front privates?

In 2015, Paula Deen to be once much more in the general public eye, returning to television as a contestant ~ above Dancing v the Stars. She did not prove to it is in as an excellent on the run floor together she is in the kitchen, however her good-natured attitude on the display helped to once again endear her to the public. She took some daring threats on the show, put on provocative outfits and even flashing her underwear in the middle of a dance. Unfortunately, Deen"s edgy move didn"t walk over well through the judges and also she was got rid of in the 6th week of the show. The chef met she loss through grace and also said that she to be happy to head home. "I"m excited," she claimed on air (via Eater). "I acquire to go check out my cool babies."

She added, "It has been together a wonderful journey. It took them a long time to to convince me to do this. It to be wonderful. It to be worth it."

If you believed "front privates" to be the only cringe-worthy thing Paula Deen has said because her racialism remarks pertained to light, you would certainly be wrong — so an extremely wrong. She doubled down on the awkward comments during her illustration on Celebrity household Feud in 2016, once she to be asked by host Steve Harvey to "name something world know around beavers." You can probably check out where this is headed... 

Before providing her last answer, Deen talked it through to herself, saying, "Well, down south, we obtained a surname for something..." which elicited a forceful "No!" from one of her sons. Yet then, stand right next to her family, she went because that it: "Men choose "em!" *Groan* Both Harvey and son Bobby visibly grimaced, presumably together with the remainder of the audience and all of America, prompting she to exclaim, "Wait, perhaps I should adjust my answer, mine sons are dying, Steve! I"ve embarrassed my sons!" Unsurprisingly, Deen"s answer was not top top the board.

Given the success that other celebrity chef Rachael Ray has seen through her pet food brand, it"s no wonder that Paula Deen made decision to follow suit with a heat of her very own pet food, treats, and toys in 2015 once she partnered with Hugs pet Products. "I desire to share mine love for animals with my fans and also fellow pet lover by creating special products and also treats for their pets to enjoy," Deen said. But there"s an additional reason this project is near and dear to her heart...

Announcing the product start on she website, she wrote, "Y"all know just how much i love all my babies, whether furry or feathered. Some of y"all could even know that if the wasn"t for my pets, I would certainly never have met mine husband Michael." How"s that? Well, they credit Paula"s dog for your meeting. According to Delish, castle were next-door neighbors when Deen"s dog wondered right into his earlier yard. Talk around a fairy tale...

Rumors have actually swirled for years that Paula Deen and Michael Groover were headed for divorce, many thanks in big part come tabloid reports of Groover"s alleged affair with a "sexy middle-age brunette." The fire to be further sustained a couple of years later on when Deen granted the deed to among their residences solely to Groover. In ~ the time, a spokesman because that Deen said, "These rumors are fully false — they have a exorbitant marriage. This deed the gift was simply a part of Paula"s estate-planning process."

So what go Deen have to say? She spoke to Radar Online during her stint on Dancing with the Stars, and had naught but good things to say about Groover. "My marital relationship has constantly been good. Mine husband is therefore supportive. He has actually a vast career. He is a port pilot. Every these pearl come in from all over the world and also he it s okay on them and also he parks castle on the Savannah River. He has been so great about acquisition time turn off for me..." she gushed. "He has always been so supportive to take it his things and also put lock aside come be through me."

In 2018, the chef opened Paula Deen"s Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It sounds favor a battle between the chef and also a bunch of men wearing plaid, however is actually a well-known live show providing wholesome family entertainment. The competitive occasion features two groups of skilled lumberjack athletes who complete in a test of skills, walk head-to-head in such events as rolling logs, climb poles, and other out events. 

Deen isn"t the first celeb to have her surname attached to Lumberjack Feud. It initially debuted in 2011, and also in 2015, country singer Dolly Parton took over prior to passing the torch over to Deen. Follow to the Lumberjack Feud website, fans will soon have the ability to compete in lumberjack events themselves through Lumberjack Feud Adventure. The new Lumberjack Feud feature will boast an aerial playground because that kids, a lumberjack-themed adventure park, a zipline roller coaster, and also an 80-foot run tower. 

Paula Deen appears to have actually mostly placed the previous behind her, and the public is progressively forgiving her. In 2014, she introduced the subscriber-based digital network The Paula Deen Network i beg your pardon featured network-exclusive videos the Deen and also her guests cooking in prior of one audience. In 2016, she started filming she newest television show, Positively Paula. The show, which is filmed at the chef"s home in Savannah, Georgia, was originally transfer in 40 areas roughly the country. "I to be so excited to invite mine friends from around the country into my house kitchen every week," Deen said at the moment of the show"s beginning (via Delish). "We are going to have actually an remarkable time cooking up a storm and sharing the many special memories." 

It wasn"t as well long before the present gained a following and also reached a wider audience. Beforehand in 2018, the display entered syndication and began airing top top RFD-TV, marking Deen"s return to cable programming — and maybe the begin of her journey back into our hearts.

During her hiatus indigenous television, Paula Deen dove head very first into her widening her perform of cookbooks. That"s no a terrible business idea considering her created works have sold an ext than 11 million copies, according to she Amazon bio. In 2015, the famous butter enthusiast published "Paula Deen cuts the Fat." The mammoth 416-page tome functions a chuck 250 recipes for healthier, lighter southerly dishes. That very same year, Deen re-released her an initial cookbook, "The Lady and also Sons Savannah country Cookbook," with an additional 25 recipes.

Deen ongoing republishing in 2016 through a revised version of "The Lady & Sons, Too!" She likewise got in on the wait fryer trend, converting 150 of her recipes for use in the renowned appliance and compiling them in "Paula Deen"s wait Fryer Cookbook." A year later on she penned entertaining-themed "At the southern Table v Paula Deen," complied with by 2019"s confectionary overview "Paula Deen"s southerly Baking: 125 favorite Recipes from my Savannah Kitchen."

One point that"s always been true around Paula Deen is that civilization love to eat she cooking. She has actually been serving the general public food because 1989 when she began The Bag the end Lady the end of her own home, as listed by she website. Deen opened up her flagship restaurant, The Lady & Sons, in Savannah in 1996, and has due to the fact that built a sizable restaurant company that has grown significantly over the previous decade.

In 2015, Deen opened up Paula Deen"s family members Kitchen in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. According to the family-style restaurant, "every entree, side dish, and also dessert originates from Paula"s cookbooks." It would prove to it is in the very first of number of locations. In the adhering to years, Paula Deen"s household Kitchen broadened to areas in south Carolina, Missouri, Alabama, and Florida. 

Deen has actually one other restaurant venture. In 2017, she opened up Paula Deen"s Creek home (via Bluffton Today). The spot to be the former location the Uncle Bubba"s Seafood and Oyster House, i beg your pardon she co-owned through her brother.

If you can"t gain to the camera, lug the camera come you. That"s to be Paula Deen"s reasoning as she has substantially upped her visibility on YouTube. The southerly chef"s channel has actually been active since 2007, yet when the nation went right into lockdown in the spring of 2020, Deen took to the communication like never ever before. For over a year"s time, she released brand-new videos on virtually a day-to-day basis.

What sort of content deserve to viewers expect? follow to the channel, "Paula and her friends and family share easy, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also dessert! She bring away a no-fuss technique to cooking, to like simple, down-home meals over facility creations." So, yes, you"ll uncover Deen in her kitchen whipping up southerly fried catfish, country fried steak and also gravy, and baked pimento cheese dip. However viewers that Deen can additionally see one more side the her, the end from behind the kitchen counter, once she posts more personal videos of she touring she garden, answering pan mail, or reflecting on the craziness the was 2020.

Paula Deen, the Queen of southerly Cuisine ... And gaming? In what had actually to be a surprise move to most, Deen announced in 2015 the release of her very first mobile video game (per Business Wire). It transforms out the chef is a big gamer, herself. "I to be a gamer in ~ heart and never leave my house without mine ipad," Deen stated in a push release. "Paula Deen"s Recipe quest is one incredible and one-of-a-kind video game that will permit y"all to chef up a storm through me while solving amazing puzzles. Plus, it"s free!"

In the game, players begin as amateur chefs in a house kitchen and also work their method up to come to be chefs in ~ Deen"s restaurant, The Lady & Sons, before owning their own virtual restaurant. Along the way, they complete puzzles come mix and match ingredient in Deen"s renowned dishes and collect downloadable cooking recipes cards.

Although it"s a digital game, players have actually the possibility to win real-life prizes, including discounts in ~ Paula Deen"s general Store, subscriptions to the Paula Deen Network, and also even the opportunity to cook alongside the famed chef on the Paula Deen Network.

Aside indigenous her quick stint ~ above "Dancing v Stars," Paula Deen has been off nationwide television because Food Network decreased to renew her contract in 2013. That practically decade-long stretch pertained to an end in 2021. In April of the year, Fox announced the Deen would be involvement Season 11 the "MasterChef." The distinct season, i m sorry debuted in June the 2021, is called "MasterChef: Legends," and as you"d intend it features an all-star lineup. Deen will be join by the likes the Emeril Lagasse, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton, Dominique Crenn, Curtis Stone, and "Iron Chef" star Masaharu Morimoto.

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The popular competition show, held by none other than acclaimed cook Gordon Ramsey, pits 15 home chefs versus each various other as they job-related their means through a series of cook challenges. This year, contestants will get some extra guidance indigenous the legends. "Masterchef: Legends" will likewise include a new feature: a chance for one chef to go head-to-head in a difficulty versus Ramsey.