Ree Drummond was just a mother who loved to cook when she started blogging in may 2006. She has always been The Pioneer Woman yet has since turned the name right into a food empire known for she hearty, flavorful, recipes and her bubbly personality.

Drummond started her blog writing about what she knew and often covered topics including her four kids and also life on your Oklahoma ranch. A year right into her blog, Drummond post her an initial recipe. She climate posted a step by step instructions on just how to chef a steak and also her idea to be born.

Drummond"s picture by photo guide alongside she recipes proved popular with readers because it made cooking seem for this reason easy and you deserve to see what you"re claimed to be doing. Her usage of food photography is highly detailed and also was highly successful. Three years after beginning her blog, Drummond increased it to be complete of down-home lull food recipes along with personal, family tidbits that 13 million civilization a work read.

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Food Network hired her and she let united state all into her life with her show, aptly dubbed The Pioneer Woman. Drummond has no formal culinary suffer making her climb even much more impressive.

She"s a wife and also a mother who loves to cook and also keep a household fed. In enhancement to a flourishing website and also blog, she still movies her show, manages a store, opened up a bed and breakfast, and also has whole line the cookware and little appliance assets that"s are exceptionally feminine and also classic.

here are some funny facts about the one and also only Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!

1. She yes, really is a Pioneer Woman

Drummond"s husband, Ladd Drummond is a fourth generation livestock rancher native rural Osage ar in Oklahoma. While Drummond is also from Oklahoma, she thrived up in a home near a county society in a bigger city. The couple raised their children on your 8-acre ranch near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, a city the 3,500. Cooking for kids on the ranch would certainly make anyone feel prefer a pioneer woman!

prior to meeting she husband, Drummond had left Oklahoma because that the large city. She attended university at the university of southerly California in Los Angeles. She specialty in journalism and then switched to gerontology. After graduation, Rummond planned to walk to legislation school in Chicago, yet then plans changed. She met her husband and also headed ago to Oklahoma.

With four kids, Drummond has her hand full. Her kids are older now making her career easier however just beginning out, she was maintaining it all going at residence as a mom. Her earliest daughter Alex has actually graduated indigenous college and lives on her own. Paige is a student at the university of Arkansas and also will be starting her junior year. Bryce is going into his an elderly year that high school and Todd into his junior year that high school.


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4. She Daughter Just obtained Engaged

The Pioneer Woman has been ~ above the air since 2011 and also her kids have grown therefore much since the beginning. They"re relocating on come the next stage the life. Oldest Drummond child, Alex, 23, just acquired engaged and Ree couldn"t be more excited. Alex and also her brand-new fiance Mauricio have actually been spending part time top top the ranch this summer.

and also by a lot, we average a lot. The Pioneer Woman herself is worth a chuck $50 million! She has truly created realm based top top what she knew: gift a mommy on a landscape ranch. Drummond"s network worth has actually grown thanks in part to she cookware line and also cookbooks.

Drummond has actually seven dogs the live ~ above the ranch with her and the family. They"re a mix of 4 basset hounds, 2 yellow labs, and also one German Shepard. Her oldest is a basset hound named Walter. She provided to have actually a basset hound named Charlie that she wrote a children"s publication about.

Drummond may now it is in a pioneer woman that cooks a many hearty meat yet at one suggest in she life, she to be a vegetarian. That all began in college when she relocated to the huge city of Los Angeles and it seemed prefer the point to do. She cut out every chicken, beef, fish, and also pork. That lasted for 3 years hen she offered into a fast food bacon cheeseburger during a stressful main in college.

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