Cartoonist E.C. Segar produced Popeye the seafarer in 1919 after acquisition a correspondence course on drawing from a man in Cleveland. Segar’s hometown of Chester, Ill. Was chock full of characters that Segar easily adjusted to print. Dora Paskel, the owner that a local general store, to be unusually tall and also thin, wearing she hair in a loosened bun at the nape of she neck. J. William Schuchert to be the local theater owner who had a voracious appetite because that hamburgers.

And candid Fiegel was a one-eyed, pipe-smoking brawler who never ever turned under a fight.


Frank Fiegel died in 1947 and also was originally hidden in an unmarked grave. Popeye pan rectified this in 1996.

Fiegel was much more likely to under a couple of bourbons instead of a deserve to of spinach to get his super fighting prowess, however the rest of his caricature to the right the Sailor man to a T. He had actually the exact same jutting chin, constructed frame, and trademark pipe as his cartoon counterpart. But kids were rather scared of Olive Oyl’s real-world inspiration, as she was more apt to continue to be inside she store. Wimpy’s rotund figure was based on Popeye creator E.C. Segar’s old boss at the regional theater. Once Segar wasn’t light lamps, he was sent out to pick up burgers for the owner.

Popeye’s real-life incentive is occasionally attributed to a photo of one old seafarer who yes, really does resemble Popeye the seafarer Man, however this is just internet folklore.


(Imperial battle Museum)

The sailor in the above photo is yes, really a sailor, yet he’s a brother sailor. His surname is shed to history, but the royal War Museum list him as “A leading Stoker nicknamed ‘Popeye,"” with 21 years in service and also fighting board the HMS Rodney in 1940. Fiegel would certainly have gone to least 70 years old as soon as this photo of the battleship seafarer was taken.

Frank “Rocky” Fiegel was actually a bartender and also not any type of kind of sailor, however he go love the kids about Chester, and they used to love to play pranks on the old barfly.

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Fiegel would impress them v his accomplishments of strength and also his telltale corncob pipeline – something young Segar would never ever forget. “Popeye” was an homage to an unforgettable man who live to understand his photo was soon in 500 papers nationwide, the price of difficult up because that the little guy.