Its spice mix saved the chain

Originally, Popeyes founder Al Copeland opened a restaurant referred to as Chicken ~ above the run in 1972 v a focus on classic Southern fried chicken. Service wasn’t taking off, therefore he close up door the restaurant’s doors and also re-opened through a new name (Popeyes) and also a new spicy, Cajun-style recipe. Offering his chicken a kick was a success, and Popeyes turned right into a franchise within four years. Inspect out these various other 15 restaurants you didn’t know had a surname change.

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The chain purchase the chicken’s freckles recipe for $43 million

For 23 years, Popeyes didn’t actually very own the cooking recipes to its renowned mix of spices—or various other recipes. To make sense of every that, rewind ago to 1984 when Popeyes founder Al Copeland opened food manufacturing agency Diversified Food and also Seasonings, which noted ingredients because that his Popeyes chicken chain but was its very own separate company. In 1991, Copeland filed because that bankruptcy and also lost ownership over Popeyes (save because that a couple of franchises). V Copeland no longer an owner, Popeyes had actually to salary $3.1 million in license fees annually to usage the manufacturer’s recipes until 2014, once it paid $43 million come buy earlier the recipes.

It’s great as gold (literally)

In October 2018, Popeyes opened up its 3,000th location. Come celebrate the vast milestone, a few franchises readily available quite the special: boneless wing coated in champagne, climate tossed in 24-karat yellow flakes. That is the gold traditional for fried Popeyes chicken, ~ all. Find out i m sorry 13 fast-food items employee say you need to never obuzzpatterson.comer.

Beyoncé has actually a lifetime supply

In what just can be the ultimate celebrity perk, Beyoncé to be honored through a lifetime supply of Popeyes. “At one allude … everywhere I went, human being would to buy me Popeyes, like the fans, and Popeyes, for this reason they offered me a lifetime membership,” the singer said Oprah in 2003. At any time she pulls the end that, she entitled to as lot Popeyes chicken as she wants, though she admitted that she’d been also embarrassed to ever before actually use it.

The chicken tenders space the healthiest option

Piece because that piece, Popeyes chicken tenders space the lowest in calories and fat of every the fried chicken options. Every chicken tender has around 148 calories (though a three- or five- piece meal would, of course, have actually more), contrasted to 160 calories in a Bonafide leg or 210 in a wing. Surprisingly, the Bonafide breast is the highest in calories, clocking in in ~ 380. Girlfriend could always go healthy and balanced with the non-breaded Blackened Chicken, however then again, once in Popeyes …

There have actually been some pretty an imaginative takes ~ above it

Past offerings that have actually come and gone—and sometimes returned again—have included Chicken Waffle Tenders (chicken dipped in waffle batter and deep-fried), wicked Chicken (thin, curly chicken tenders), and also Beer deserve to Chicken (fried chicken that gained its taste native a summer sprouts blend, no actual beer). Once you’re craving chicken, you’ll desire to recognize the an enig that makes KFC’s chicken so crispy.

There’s one place you can acquire it all-you-can-eat

Lafayette, Louisiana, residents are lucky: castle live near the last remaining Popeyes buffet in the country. No only can customers sink their this into countless fried chicken, yet they deserve to pile your plates high through biscuits, mashed potatoes, and other favorites. Anyone else drooling?

Anthony Boubuzzpatterson.comain to be a fan

That’s right—one of the world’s best foodies had a soft clues for great ol’ Popeyes chicken. The late Anthony Boubuzzpatterson.comain admitted in a may 2018 People interview that when staying in Lafayette, Louisiana (yes, the town through the buffet), he’d eaten at Popeyes 3 days in a row. The chowed under on fried chicken, but additionally the guilty pleasure that he admitted come Thrillist: Popeyes mac and cheese.

It has actually a totality month devoted to it

September is national Fried Chicken month, but in 2013, Popeyes released its own spin top top the celebration. Every September due to the fact that then, the chain has advocated Love that Chicken month based upon its old jingle, with deals to draw in customers. Once it pertains to competitors, this is why KFC adjusted its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Its non-breaded chicken was announced via flash mob

When Popeyes announced that is “Lousiana Leaux naked Chicken” in 2011, there to be dancing in the street—specifically, a flash mob on brand-new Orleans’ Bourbon Street. The supplying is now well-known as Blackened Chicken. Make certain you recognize these other 33 secrets fast-food workers aren’t telling you.

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A chicken sandwich far better than Chick-fil-A’s

To action up their menu even more, Popeyes presented a brand-new chicken sandwich in 2019. Human being flocked to the fast-food chain to acquire their hands on a item of crispy all-white meat chicken marinated with Lousiana seasonings and also a buttermilk coating, crisp pickles, spicy mayonnaise, surrounded by a buttery toasted brioche bun. It to be so well-known that Popeyes offered out in simply two weeks. If girlfriend didn’t gain the possibility to taste one for yourself, they will certainly be coming back, but just make sure to download the Popeyes app so girlfriend know precisely when to gain in the drive-through lane. This is a tiny bit an ext about why this sandwich is so irresistible.


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