When the devout Christian teen allegedly claimed her belief in God together she was shot in cold blood at the Columbine High institution massacre, she ended up being a type of angel to the media.

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Columbine.WikiaFriends gather around Rachel Scott’s car, placing flower on that in she memory.

Nonetheless, books, songs, and also movies about supposed religious martyrs such together Rachel Scott shaped the narrative. The fervor to come to be such a symbol easily permeated a huge portion of whole generation, with Washington Post journalist Hanna Rosin extending this phenomenon as at an early stage as October 1999.

She explained this teenage obsession with faith-based fatality as a “kind that teenage hysteria, a Christian-sanctified death wish” directly influenced through the Columbine killings of people like Rachel Scott. “God has actually laid the on mine heart that I’m going to it is in martyred,” a teenager named Tina Leonard called a southerly Baptist news service, Rosin reported. “When i told among my friends, the said, ‘That’s awesome. I wish it can happen come me."”

I’m not Ashamed proved Harris and also Klebold shoot Rachel Scott and also mock her for her belief as she died. If she absolutely was vocal around her religion before her death, she didn’t tell one of two people of the shooters the she thought in God, before, during, or after castle shot her.

At least, no police reports or investigations made any kind of mention of it. Much of what actually happened to Scott at Columbine was based upon testimony from the just surviving witness come her death — Richard Costaldo, who was having actually lunch through her once the killers appeared.

“They were yelling at her about God and also do you think in God,” that said. “That was literally the critical minute of she life.”

Costaldo likewise claimed the he, too, was asked even if it is or no he believed in God and also that once he stated that he didn’t, the his life to be spared. Nonetheless, the facts suggest that Rachel Scott didn’t know she’d be shot for telling the fact — which absolutely would’ve made her a martyr — she simply answered their question, terrified, hope to live.

Finding confidence After Columbine

“The days ideal after…you’re in so much shock,” stated Craig Scott. “You might ask me a question, and I might just sit there, looking in ~ you, due to the fact that I’m not also there.”

Scott’s parental would shortly pick increase the proverbial baton of spiritual faith left behind as soon as she passed away — but her brother at first seemed preoccupied v visions the justice and retribution in order come mentally procedure his sister’s passing.

“I used to fantasize what it would be prefer to gain revenge shortly the shooters,” that said. “If I had actually just 5 minutes alone, what I’d do to them. And also it started to eat me up.”

The an initial time Craig spoke about his sister’s death was in an interview through Katie Couric. He’d soon discover himself talking to many people about his sister, the trauma, and also that it can be overcome. “I had actually no idea that would certainly be something I would certainly be law a hundred, a thousand more times over the following 20 years.”

Craig and his mother have actually toured schools throughout the country in an effort to spread Scott’s story, the she passed away in cold blood and likely since of she faith. This has actually garnered the family members a same amount that flack from internet users that theorized this crusade to be entirely encouraged by profit.

“We’ve quit a dozen college shootings and also 500 kids said we helped prevent their suicides,” said Craig Scott. “Money has actually never to be our motivation. It’s a mission. I have actually friends from Columbine who ask, ‘How deserve to you tho talk around this?’ If they walk on one trip with me, they’d understand.”

When the Scott family began wading v their daughter’s personal items following her death, they uncovered an essay she wrote around her ethics — how compassion, optimism, and also empathy to be the main traits she’d do the efforts to nurture in herself, and also spread come others.

“She was talking about…things favor not judging or labeling various other people, trying to find the good in others and also being a leader, mirroring mercy and forgiveness,” said Scott, including that his sister finish the document with the following:

“I have actually this concept that if one human will go the end of their means to present compassion, it will start a chain reaction the the same.”

The Scott family’s Rachel’s challenge nonprofit has spread this ideological background to an ext than 25 million people to date. It gave them purpose, ~ a confounding loss that had actually no identifiable factor or cause. It provided the household with their very own version of belief — the if Scott’s vision is shared, her fatality wasn’t completely in vain.

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“I think she would be proud of my family,” Scott said. “I hope to watch her at some point again…If she to be somehow aware of what has happened through her story and her legacy, and also to say, ‘Nice job, small bro,’ that would be nice cool.”

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