Last July, Byron “Reckful” Bernstein passed far at the young age of 31. The was famous as a video clip game streamer ~ above Twitch and a World the Warcraft player in the pro scene.

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During that time, his cause of fatality wasn’t confirmed yet, yet his love ones implied the he take it his life. Now, after ~ the Travis County clinical examiner’s notes were made publicly knowledge, it has actually been ruled that Reckful’s fatality was, in fact, a suicide.

According come TMZ, the medical examiner’s report states that the streamer was currently pronounced dead ~ above the point out after he could no much longer be resuscitated by the emergency responders. However, us don’t know exactly how much time passed between Bernstein acquisition his own life and also when the emergency responders do an appearance.

Before his death, Bernstein made part pretty troubling tweets that understandably worried his friends, family, and fans. Among his tweets said, “ahh, i feel negative for anyone who has actually to deal with my insanity.”

He do a follow-up come this tweet speak “please just know in these cases the insane human being does not feel in manage of their actions.” soon after he sent out those tweets, reports started circulating the the lovely streamer was no longer with us.


This was later shown by his ex-girlfriend that is well-known by she online take care of ‘BlueGoesMew,’ as well as by another streamer recognized as NymN and also esports reporter Rod Breslau.

Bernstein was never ever afraid to talk around his psychological health and also how much he struggled through it. Together such, his pan were currently pretty mindful that the grappled with depression. He additionally made an appearance on the HealthyGamerGG show, i beg your pardon is where he revealed to the human being that he was diagnosed through Bipolar type 2 as a child.

The fatality of Bernstein was absolutely a shock come the Twitch streaming community, i beg your pardon led to many content creators talking about it and making a statement about it. He was mostly recognized for playing World the Warcraft, together such, the neighborhood was also heartbroken by the news.

To mourn the ns of Reckful and also to display gratitude for all he has done for the community, countless World the Warcraft players from anywhere gathered with each other to organize in-game memorials.

Blizzard likewise paid tribute to Bernstein’s happen by adding him come World that Warcraft together an NPC. You will have the ability to interact with an NPC called Reckful once World that Warcraft: Shadowlands gets released.

Reckful's NPC has special conversation options:

— Wowhead (
Wowhead) respectable 6, 2020

Reckful was known for primarily using a Rogue character in World that Warcraft, for this reason it renders sense that Blizzard chose to do the NPC a Rogue Trainer. That gift said, this wouldn’t be the first time that Blizzard had him in the game.

In 2018, Blizzard added a character named Byron Burnside come World the Warcraft, and this personality was based on Bernstein. The fact that even Blizzard payment tribute to the streamer just goes to present just exactly how much he meant to people and how his passing influenced the community.

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If friend or who you know is having suicidal ideations, you re welcome don’t hesitate to reach the end to who or contact the nationwide Suicide Helpline at 1-800-273-8255. You’re no alone and you never will be.