Ree Drummond"s husband, Ladd, and their nephew, Caleb, were associated in a truck collision at the family members ranch on in march 10



Ree Drummond's household is offering fans a wellness update on she husband, Ladd, and their nephew, Caleb, practically one month after a van collision that landed both males in the hospital.

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"Ladd and Caleb room healing up after your accident ~ above the ranch," review a post shared through the Instagram account of Ree's The Pioneer mrs Magazine ~ above Wednesday. "(And the Drummond family members is so grateful for every one of your kind words!)"

The outlet likewise linked come a Q&A v Ree's children, Alex and also Todd, in which they spoke around Ladd and Caleb's recovery following the crash.

"A lot of of are asking how our dad is," Alex, 23, said throughout an Instagram Live session critical week. "He's law a lot of better. He's recovering. He's starting to get ago into the ranch work."

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Though Ladd's mobility is "a little restricted right now," the dad — who also shares Paige, 21, and Bryce, 18, and also foster boy Jamar through Ree — is "still able come hang," follow to Alex.

"Caleb is law good," Todd added. "He's pretty lot all healed up and back to his regular life."

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According come a report native the Oklahoma Highway Patrol previously acquired by, the accident took location on march 10 about eight mile west the Pawhuska.

Ladd, 52, and Caleb, 21, were each driving a Himmat Fire van on County road N3660. Caleb to be driving southbound, while Ladd to be driving northbound. The trucks hit one an additional "head-on" as result of "high winds top top a gravel road" that resulted in visibility to it is in decreased, according to the report.

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Neither Ladd or Caleb were wearing a seatbelt, the report said, and also Caleb "was ejected about 70 feet from point of rest."

Both males were taken to the St. John Medical facility in Tulsa, whereby Caleb to be admitted in critical condition v head, arm, leg and internal injuries, follow to the OHP report.