Richard Dean Anderson is a Hollywood icon. Well, he is at least a TV icon. Ideal known as MacGyver, Anderson likewise has ties to one more long-running series. Unfortunately, us haven’t seen nor heard native Anderson in any kind for rather some time. That hasn’t worked as an actor due to the fact that 2013. Where is he? Here’s what us know.

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Richard Dean Anderson started his exhilaration career fairly some time ago. The was first featured on the long-running and also highly rated daily soap opera General Hospital, where he shown a doctor (imagine that). If you understand your GH history, which it’s quite feasible none of girlfriend do, girlfriend will know that Anderson played Dr. Jeff Webber, the boy of long-time GH personality Dr. Steve Hardy. Anderson play the character for five years as a recurring role. His personality is father to Dr. Steven Webber, Dr. Buy it Webber, Nurse Elizabeth Webber, and Hayden Barnes, the latter two quiet on the soap. Aren’t you happy you asked?

For the next few years, Anderson bounced from present to show. The was checked out on The truth Of Life, The Love Boat, Seven Brides for seven Brothers, and also Emerald allude N.A.S. That wasn’t until 1985 the Richard Dean Anderson acquired his large break.



The first MacGyver series was produced earlier in 1985. The collection was set up, in part, by Henry Winkler (Fonzie from the Happy Days), who was may be to offer the idea to Paramount. During the find for your MacGyver, the actors that auditioned because that the part were too manly. No that Richard Dean Anderson wasn’t manly, however they were looking for an actor who might use an ext brains 보다 brawn. Anderson completely fit the bill.

The collection revolved about a one-of-a-kind agent that would lot rather use brains end weapons. Due to the fact that of a firearm accident that concluded v the death of his friend, MacGyver desired not to usage or even carry a gun. He likewise prefers less violent approaches in addressing problems. His scientific knowledge and methods were even vetted by actual scientists to have MacGyver’s services be as actual as possible.


The hit series ran for seven periods and also produced two made-for-TV movies, MacGyver: lost Treasure the Atlantis and also MacGyver: Trail come Doomsday. Anderson also reprised his function as MacGyver in the 2012 mini-series Mercedes-Benz: MacGyver and also the brand-new Citan.



There to be a five-year gap between the finish run the MacGyver and Richard Dean Anderson’s next huge role. Throughout that time Anderson was checked out in those 2 MacGyver TV movies as well as Past the Bleachers, Legend, Pandora’s Clock, and also Firehouse. Then come along a tiny thing we recognize as Stargate SG-1.

Richard Dean Anderson nailed the lead duty as Colonel Jack O’Neill, a part played by cut Russell in the Roland Emmerich co-written and directed 1994 attribute film Stargate.


similar to MacGyver, SG-1 was a duty made perfect for Richard Dean Anderson. For 8 periods he played Jack O’Neill, an initial as Colonel, then v all ranks of General. In the last two periods of SG-1 (seasons 9 and also 10), Anderson’s O’Neill was just a recurring character, yet he came ago full pressure for the movie Stargate Continuum.

Richard Dean Anderson was also seen in seasons 1 and 3 of the collection Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1: youngsters of the Gods, and also six episodes of Stargate Universe. Anderson’s imprint ~ above the Stargate franchise is undeniable.

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The last time we experienced Richard Dean Anderson in something to execute with Stargate was back in 2010. After the time, he moved on to a few projects. These had the TV collection Fairly Legal, Raising Hope, and Don’t to trust the B—- in Apartment 23, the latter being in 2013. This would be the critical time Richard Dean Anderson would appear on the tiny screen. This would additionally be the last time he would do any work whatsoever in Hollywood.