PUERTO Rican musician Ricky martin has been in the music industry due to the fact that he to be young.

Ricky young name shot come fame for his attractive latin popular music music, yet get to recognize his family and also children.


Ricky young name shot to fame for his catchy latin popular music music, but get to recognize his family and also childrenCredit: Getty

Who is Ricky Martin?

Enrique Martín Morales, far better known together Ricky Martin, to be born top top December 24, 1971 in mountain Juan, Puerto Rico.

He began his music career at age 12 v the pop team Menudo.

Martin went solo in 1991, releasing 10 solo latin pop albums in total.

The release of his song Livin' La Vida Loca brought Latin music to the forefront and is largely credited for the 1999 Latin popular music explosion that transitioned Spanish music to tendency media.

Martin has actually two Grammys and also was even nominated because that a Primetime Emmy Award for his acting in soap operas.


Martin very first encountered his future husband Jwan Yosef top top Instagram, the told Andy CohenCredit: Getty

Who is Ricky Martin's spouse?

Ricky young name publicly come out as gay in a write-up on his website in march 2010.

Martin first encountered his future husband Jwan Yosef on Instagram, that told Andy Cohen.

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They communicated very first as friends through DMs.

"We talked around art—nothing sexy...I swear, nothing sexy. It to be all around art and life in general. He offered to live in London, I visited London and I met him," young name said.

The pair made their red carpet debut and confirmed their connection at the amFAR inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo, Brazil in April 2016.

Martin revealed to E! News in January 2018 the the 2 married in a private ceremony after confirming their engagement ~ above the Ellen present in November 2016.

“Instead the saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ ns said, ‘I gained you something.’ i said, ‘I desire to spend my life through you.’ and he to be like, what is the question?’ ‘Would friend marry me?'" he told the talk show host.


In respectable 2008, Martin became the dad to twin boys Matteo and Valentino through a gestational surrogateCredit: Getty

How many children does Ricky boy name have?

In respectable 2008, Martin ended up being the dad to pair boys Matteo and also Valentino through a gestational surrogate.

On new Year's night 2018, Martin and Yosef announced via Instagram that they had welcomed a infant girl, Lucia Martin-Yosef.

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Martin spoke to People about wanting a large family through husband Yosef.

“I want four more pairs the twins. I would love to have actually a large family, yet there’s a lot walk on in ~ this moment, a the majority of work, wedding.

“It’s a lot walking on for this reason we’re going to put things in order first and climate we room going to acquire ready for many more kids.”


Ricky revealed in a June 2021 interview with human being that that still feels PTSD native a destructive 2000 interview v Barbara WaltersCredit: Getty

What walk Ricky martin say around his interview v Barbara Walters?

Ricky revealed in a June 2021 interview with civilization that he still feels PTSD indigenous a terrible 2000 interview through Barbara Walters.

Martin did not come out officially till 2010, but rumors to be circulating around the pop star's sexuality and Walters handle the cases in her interview.

"You might stop these rumors," Walters asked throughout the interview. "You might say, 'Yes ns am gay or no I'm not.'"

Martin dodged the question, no feeling a have to confirm his sexuality because that the public.

"When she reduce the question, ns felt violated due to the fact that I was just not ready to come out. Ns was an extremely afraid," he told People. "There’s a little PTSD through that."