When Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on E! in 2007, rob Kardashian had the world at his feet. The handsome, healthy teenager was dating actress Adrienne Bailon at the time, and their relationship became the emphasis of some of the truth show"s earliest episodes, yet they went their separate means in 2009 after Bailon apparently cheated ~ above him. Kardashian refuse to allow his heartbreak come send him right into a downward spiral, however the exact same cannot be said of his next break-up. 

Kardashian went on to date pop sensation Rita Ora, though he later declared she to be unfaithful v "more 보다 20 dudes." once the two separation in 2012, his weight started to become a major issue. The turned come junk food to help him cope, and also as his weight ballooned, his self-esteem go in the other direction. The truth star became a recluse, reportedly afraid to action out in public the end of fear of being photographed.

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In 2018, Kardashian finally controlled to melted some pounds and also get earlier within reach of his right weight, but how did he carry out it? indigenous his attention binge-eating and struggles through depression to his dramatic turnaround, let"s take it a closer look at Rob Kardashian"s weight loss transformation.

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According to plunder Kardashian, his load gain began when he began enjoying his sweet treats a small too much. Through 2015, the truth star"s appearance was making headlines for every the not correct reasons, forcing him to take action and start working out. In a now-deleted Instagram write-up (via Entertainment Tonight), that revealed the his problem worsened when he began consuming milkshakes in ~ an great rate. His weight get was for this reason dramatic the he wound up trending ~ above Twitter since of it.

"So I discovered out i was trending for being fat," Kardashian tweeted (via People). "Thank you all it yes, really made my day." This was simply one the a collection of tweets the the previous model sent out prior to deleting the entirety rant. "No one will ever understand just how much the hurts," he later added. "I"m aware that I"m fat the def ain"t a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will certainly be in the gym, anyways had to to speak something."

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Rob Kardashian"s Twitter eight came simply days prior to his sister, Kim Kardashian, was as result of marry rapper Kanye West in Italy. She, the course, invited her brothers to the ceremony, yet despite making the pilgrimage to Europe, he made decision to traction out because he didn"t desire to be pictured looking therefore overweight. According to TMZ sources, Rob had "become for this reason insecure and also depressed around his appearance he refused to it is in in the household wedding pics, regardless of his family"s encouragement."

"I was doing fit fittings in Paris right before the wedding and I simply wasn"t comfortable," Rob later on told People (via the Mirror). "I"m 6"1" and also at my many I probably weighed 300 pounds." The existence of the paparazzi didn"t aid matters. "There were cameras at the plane on our trip there and I was an extremely unhappy with the human being I experienced in every the pictures."

When newlywed Kim Kardashian returned to the States, she showed up on Bravo"s Watch What happens Live and told host Andy Cohen that Rob Kardashian had sent her "a long email" on the morning of she wedding explaining his reasons for bailing. Kim wasn"t emotion sympathetic: "I"m absolutely a difficult love type of person," she stated (via Page Six). "If ns don"t favor something that"s walking on in my life, I change it. Ns don"t sit and also complain about it for a year. I try to encourage him and once you simply don"t make that change for so long and also it"s no happening, I gain frustrated. Mine patience operation out."

Kim wasn"t the just Kardashian to have actually lost patience through Rob: in 2015, sister Khloé Kardashian (who lived through Rob at the time) told People that she was at she wits finish with him, saying, "I"ve been yes, really trying, however I have actually my moments and I execute snap. I"ve offered to gain a chef, I"m like, "What"s your excuse?" however it"s not simply that. I can"t success life because that Rob. I need to wait till ready to carry out it for himself."

Rob Kardashian supposedly flat-out refuse Khloé Kardashian"s sell to lug in a an individual chef because that him, and this wasn"t the just time the turned down help from the family. There were rumors the the sock designer had been readily available a place at a weight loss camp, however he was quick to shoot down that story on Twitter. "To the blogs saying I checked out fat camp or rehab — LOL," he created in 2014 (via E! News). "Then why am i still fat you fools? Y"all must have actually run out of genuine news."

As a critical resort, the Kardashians reportedly made decision that they needed to set up a family intervention, just like they walk on a 2012 episode of Keeping Up v the Kardashians, but as quickly as Rob recorded wind of what was happening the split, follow to Radar Online. "He"s refusing rehab, that doesn"t want any fat farms, no more therapists, no an ext interventions, diets, and also meddling sisters," an insider stated in 2017.

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Rob Kardashian is stated to have actually suffered indigenous depression ~ the death of his father (whom that was named after) in 2003, and has supposedly been sinking deeper and also deeper into it ever before since, through his weight problems only making matters worse. In a 2015 illustration of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, his mother, Kris Jenner, states she fears the worst is yet to come.

"As a mom, it breaks my heart to check out Rob going with what he"s walking through," Jenner states on the show (via the Mirror). "He"s type of stuck in a really poor place and also I just want to assist him gain out that it. If ns don"t aid him do something drastic, he"s going come die. I"m just waiting for this horrible thing to happen and also there"s nothing we deserve to do about it." Kris reveals the Rob had gained more than 100 pounds due to the fact that his depression worsened.

By the end of 2015, plunder Kardashian"s load was start to have life-threatening implications. In December of the year, he to be rushed come a hospital after ~ falling ill at home. According to TMZ sources, he supposedly had actually no idea he was diabetic and was shocked when tests revealed the had occurred the disease. The TMZ insider included that the reality TV star was determined to melted the extra weight and get healthy and balanced in the new year, yet according come one whistleblower, his way of life only gained worse. 

Speaking come Radar Online, an insider close come the Kardashian camp declared his biggest weakness was ice cream cream. "He think nothing of having actually two or 3 tubs in the afternoon," the source told the gossip rag. "It"s wreaking destruction on his diabetes — not to cite the added stress the weight is putting on his heart."

Rob Kardashian reportedly came to be so disheartened about his appearance the he decided to retract from culture altogether, holing up inside his mom"s house and also becoming a complete recluse. Speaking to WonderWall in march 2015, his "number one supporter" — sister Khloé Kardashian — revealed the he was enduring from psychological illnesses as well as physical ones. "Over the last year, Rob has become an extremely introverted and also has a sort of social anxiety," she said. "I understand he can get to that happy place and he will." 

When his sister, Kim Kardashian, sat down for one interview with the Today show a couple of weeks later, she likewise addressed Rob"s decision to retreat from the general public eye, particularly reality television. "I think he"s just going with a phase where he"s not comfortable in his own skin," she defined (via People). "He is functioning really difficult to get earlier to whereby he really wants to be." 

While his sister were mirroring some belief in him, Rob"s friends weren"t so certain he can do it. "His weight affects his mood and then his atmosphere affects his an inspiration to eat well and work out — it"s a vicious cycle," one confidant told Hollywood Life around that time (via HeatWorld).

While those closestly to plunder Kardashian to be warning him about the after-effects of his weight gain and encouraging the to change his ways prior to it was also late, there to be at the very least one human who thought he to be fine simply the way he was. Throughout her 2016 interview on the Allegedly podcast (via People), Kardashian"s former Dancing with the Stars partner, Cheryl Burke, had actually this to say: "I"m surprised that he"s making it a bigger deal than the is. I think that it"s fine, why go he have to go into hiding or why isn"t he comes out? i think it"s no a large deal."

Burke walk on to contact Kardashian a "normal" and "sweet" guy with nothing to be insecure about: "I say: "Just very own it Rob, obtain out there." ... It simply happens, it"s not choose he"s for this reason obese that can"t walk. He"s good. He"s chill."

To his credit, rob Kardashian finally regulated to readjust his lifestyle sufficient to obtain his diabetes under control. Contradictory to vault reports, the reclusive fact star declared he was conscious that he was diabetic however had quit taking his insulin because it was inconvenient. "I didn"t enjoy the routine," he told People in 2016 (via CNN). Dealing with his diabetes to be the first big win in his battle with obesity, but he didn"t execute it alone.

Kardashian revealed that his romantic with model Blac Chyna turned the end to it is in the catalyst he required in order to make positive alters in his life. "She"s surrounding me with a many positivity," that told People in ~ the time. "From the minute we met, ns knew I wanted to be much more than friends." follow to TMZ (via the Daily Mail), his brand-new flame urged him to cut carbs and also red meats out of his diet and hit the gym five days a week, v absolutely no cheat days. Through her help, he was able to melted an impressive 40 pounds.

Blac Chyna provided birth to Rob"s daughter, Dream Kardashian, in November 2016, but less 보다 a year later, the two had separated under very nasty circumstances. The breakup take it its toy fee on Rob, who started to load on the pounds again. "He"s the biggest he"s ever before been," a friend told Radar Online in 2017. "He"s fine over 300 pounds now — we don"t recognize as the scale don"t go up past that — and also he"s a heart attack waiting come happen."

The media outlet"s source declared that Rob had been "comfort eating large time" due to the fact that his explosive split. "His fridge has become his best friend," the insider said. "He"s got major anger and addiction issues, carried on by a chronic absence of self-esteem end his looks and also his position in the family. He"s shed the will certainly to live and also if the wasn"t because that his small girl he"d most likely not have actually made it."

According come The Belfast Telegraph (via the Inquisitr), sis Kim Kardashian accused urged momager Kris jenner to prevent "enabling" Rob"s unhealthy lifestyle with jae won support.

While Kim Kardashian as soon as again urged the family to exercise hard love on rob Kardashian, younger sister Kylie Jenner supposedly took a various approach. According to Hollywood Life, Rob began joining Kylie for workouts every various other day as she aimed to burned her infant weight (she offered birth come daughter Stormi in February 2018), and before long, he to be looking slimmer than he had actually in years. "Seeing the weight fall off has been large in help Rob gain his to trust back," a source revealed. "Kylie challenged and pushed rob to be much better for Dream, and that"s every the an inspiration he needed."

The insider declared Rob ultimately agreed come adhere to a catered diet, though having young children in the residence has likewise been a substantial help. "Rob is remaining disciplined and sticking v a strict nutritional program that he"s been put on to get his weight under as well, and also it renders it simpler for him due to the fact that Dream keeps that pretty active already." The source added, "He"s having actually a blast chasing her around and seeing her prosper up so fast." 

The extent of Rob"s weight loss became clear in a snapshot Kim post to Instagram top top his 31st date of birth in in march 2018.

Did rob Kardashian really lose all the weight through exercise and also healthy eating prefer he claims? follow to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail in October 2017, Blac Chyna alleged rob underwent a collection of cosmetic measures at prices totaling $100,000. Chyna reportedly made those claims while defending herself versus allegations that she had deceived sponsors by going under the knife.

The statement indigenous Chyna"s lawyers claims, "The manner in which rob Kardashian revealed multiple sclerosis White"s personal medical information compromised Ms White"s endorsement deals with several weight loss, fitness and also diet carriers that every pay ms White to encourage their assets on social media."

As of this writing, Kardashian has never publicly recognized undergoing any type of cosmetic steps for weight loss. Not to mention, we understand that cases made during controversial divorce proceedings are perhaps not the many reliable, so go ahead and also take Chyna"s allegations with a huge grain that salt. 

Rob Kardashian lastly came the end of hiding in the biggest way possible in march 2019 — v a rarely cameo top top the family"s titular reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Fans were most likely thrilled to obtain a glimpse that his reported body transformation, which, according to resources speaking v Entertainment Tonight in October 2018, was earlier in the range of 30 to 50 pounds less than his most heavy point.

Rob appeared for just a couple of moments in the illustration (shown above) during a visit through sister Khloé Kardashian, her daughter True, and also his daughter Dream. Still clad head to toe in a hefty black sweatsuit that mostly obscured his body, rob didn"t mention his load at all. The usually outspoken Khloé didn"t cite it either. Instead, she concentrated on Rob"s embrace of his relatively new role together a father. (Dream turned two years old in November 2018.) "Rob is candid the finest dad," Khloé said during her confessional. "He reminds me so much of my dad; how attentive and also fun and loving that is through her."

While it"s unclear what Rob"s load loss purposes were in ~ this point, it to be clear the he still may not have actually been completely comfortable stepping back into the public eye. Outside of the cameo, he stayed a ghost on society media and somehow continued to elude the paparazzi. Here"s hoping he was taking the moment to just enjoy being a father, and also learning some realistic, sustainable methods to keep his physical and also mental health.

Rob Kardashian post a snapshot from his first day back in the gym in June 2019, and also so began another duration of weight loss for the fluctuating reality star. The youngest Kardashian sibling started to take some tentative steps earlier into the spotlight around Halloween time. Fans an initial noticed the he was earlier on the step on October 22, once sister Kim Kardashian common a video clip from her birthday meal: her little brother to be at the table, but only appeared in the clip an extremely briefly, so that was difficult to call just just how much load he had actually controlled to shed due to the fact that hitting the gym. Around a mainly later, we obtained our answer.

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While Rob often uses Instagram to encourage his clothes brand, Halfway Dead, he rarely shares an individual photos with his followers nowadays. That"s why civilization were therefore shocked once he posted a photo of himself v KarJenner momager, Kris Jenner, the day after Halloween. Plunder (who is dressed together Papa Troll in the cute mother-and-son snap) was looking quite trim, a an outcome of cutting the end the rapid food and drastically changing his diet. "He is an extremely focused on do changes and also sticking v it," a source told E! News. "He likewise stopped drinking, i m sorry is yes, really helping him. That is feeling a lot far better and see results."

Rob invested Halloween night partying v his half-sisters, who supposedly took him to Drake"s adjacent bash after kendal Jenner"s own party fizzled out.

It appears as though every the difficult work that Rob Kardashian put in during 2019 may have been undone towards the finish of the year. (Perhaps the overindulged transparent the festive season? Hashtag relatable.) In January 2020, an insider told People that he to be considering going come an extensive weight ns camp. "He thinks a live-in fitness and health program might be the finest option because that him," the resource claimed. "If that starts losing an ext weight by working out and changing his diet throughout a camp, that believes that will have the ability to stick with it at house as well."

The insider went on to disclose that Kardashian wanted to begin being more like his famous sisters. Kourtney, Kim and also Khloé Kardashian always seem to it is in in immaculate shape, and their baby bro is supposedly sick of gift the strange one out. "Everyone rather in the family is functioning out and also thinking about what castle eat," the resource added. "He desires this year to it is in the year once he takes treatment of himself. He desires to be healthier for Dream."

There"s been no concrete update on Rob"s load since, despite a tweet he sent in march 2020 can have available a clue: the former KUWTK star seemed to indicate that he was filming an episode. Rob previously admitted that he stopped appearing on the display when he ended up being self-conscious about his size. Could this typical he"s lost sufficient weight to be comfortable top top camera again?