Warren Cassell Jr. Began his an initial business in ~ the age of eight. He is the controlling principal that The Abella group LLC.

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At the period of eight, Robert Herjavec and also his family members fled to Canada indigenous the communist regime in Yugoslavia. Lock left your native nation with simply one suitcase and $20 in their pockets. In an initiative to make the many out of his opportunity to create a better life because that himself, Herjavec emerged a strong passion for working hard and also it entirely paid off. Today, he is one of the most recognizable businessmen in phibìc America. His company, Herjavec Group, is a Toronto-based IT defense firm that reportedly realizes $150 million in yearly sales.

With an estimated fortuneof $200 million,Herjavec has actually committed to personally invest an ext than $16 million across 54 deals the were pitched top top ABC"s well-known reality television present Shark Tank. He additionally starred top top Canada"s variation of Shark Tank, Dragon"s Den, for the first six periods of the show. listed below is an overview of how Robert Herjavec became a self-made multimillionaire.

early Life and also Schooling

Born in 1962, Herjavec grew up on his uncle"s farm yard in Varazdin, in what is nowCroatia. return he was born right into poverty, Herjavec doesn"t speak bad of his childhood, saying that ‘‘it never seemed bad...you never recognize the situation you prosper up in till you to compare it come something else."

During a CBC documentary that his life, Herjavec said, ‘‘I was lucky to thrive up like that. Us were poor financially however we were never ever devoid that spirit, or love, or support, or encouragement. In that tiny village, i was the most crucial guy to my uncle. What a great way to flourish up!’’

Herjavec's father was regularly arrested because that speaking out versus the communist system in Yugoslavia. In order to protect against future incarcerations, Herjavec's father made decision to move the family members to another country in 1970. Herjavec was eight at the time. The family members migrated come Halifax, Canada, by means of a harbor in Italy. In the end, they resolved in a little suburb in Toronto.

For the very first eighteen month after they left Yugoslavia, Herjavec and also his family members stayed in the basement the a friend. His father managed to acquire a project at a factory in Mississauga, Ontario. There he earned roughly $76 a week.

When Herjavec arrived in Canada he had no understanding of English. However, in 1984 he graduated with a level in English Literature and also Political scientific research from the university of Toronto. In a promotional video clip for the university of Toronto, Herjavec defined that he made the right selection when he determined to research English Literature: “The capability to connect is fundamental to what ns do.”

In the same video, Herjavec revealed the he go not have much the a social life in ~ university. According to him, the “just want to get in, gain my degree and get a job.”

start of His job

Herjavec started a job in the film service after graduating from university at period twenty-two. throughout that time he took on a duty under Billy Jack creator Tom Laughlin. He also worked as a ar producer for the 1984 Winter Olympic gamings in Sarajevo (back in Yugoslavia).

Herjavec later on left the film market to job-related at a an innovation company. as he once explained, ‘‘One day, my ideal friend at the moment complained that he didn’t acquire this job with a tech agency that to be going to salary $30,000 a year. In 1985, that was a many money, so I chose to interview for it.”

Herjavec applied for a place at a modern technology company that sold computer system software. Although the was not qualified for the role, Herjavec managed to acquire the job due to the fact that he had offered to occupational for totally free for the first six month of his post. During that time, Herjavec learned as lot as he could about the modern technology industry. To pay for his expenses, the waited tables at night until he received a long-term salary.

As time passed, Herjavec was supported to various roles in the company. That ultimately became the president before being fired in 1990.

Robert the Mogul

Following the discontinuation of his employment at Logiquest, Herjavec began a service with Warren Avis, the founder the Avis rental a Car. His reason for ending up being an entrepreneur was that he “needed to salary his mortgage.”

In a 2012 interview with Inc. Magazine, Herjavec explained, “I obtained fired! ns was one of those guys who never ever wanted to start their own business. I never ever saw myself together a leader. I observed myself together a an excellent No. 2. I just wanted to execute a an excellent job and also make a little an ext money every year.”

Herjavec later on sold his attention in that service for $60,000. Herjavec then began a an innovation business,BRAKSystems,on his own from his basement.The agency quickly became the largest net security certain in Canada. that was acquired by AT&T, Inc. (T) in 2000 because that $30.2 million. after ~ the acquisition, Herjavec took on the role of Vice president of Sales at another computer business called Ramp Network. The company was quickly sold come Nokia because that $225 million.

In an effort to spend more time through his wife and also children, Herjavec take it a rest from his career because that a few years. In 2003, he started a brand-new venture called the Herjavec Group. The company provides details security services to various other companies and has grown its yearly sales to $150 million in one eleven-year period.

When asked if he had actually an leave strategy indigenous the Herjavec Group, Herjavec responded, "No, I'm not offering this one. No for a long, long time. I'm really inspired to build a billion-dollar company."

Robert the investor

In 2006, Robert Herjavec became a household name in Canada after the starred top top the hit reality television series, Dragon"s Den. On the show, businesses would pitch one investment possibility to a dashboard of investors with the hope of do a resolve at the very least one investor. Herjavec starred top top the display for 6 seasons. 

Later, Herjavec later came to be an investors on the American version of the show, Shark Tank. over the seven seasons that he has been ~ above "Shark Tank," Herjavec has committed to invest an ext than $16 million in a variety of small businesses.

The Bottom line

Robert Herjavec made his luck in the an innovation industry. After gift fired indigenous his task in the 1990s, Herjavec began a couple of companies on his very own out that desperation.

He eventually sold his stakes in those businesses because that a linked total of $30.2 million. Herjavec has due to the fact that become a tv personality and has invested number of million dollars in small businesses in the joined States and Canada. Today, the name Robert Herjavec is synonymous with businessman success throughout north America.

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