Although Rob Kardashian’s wide range seems tiny compared come his renowned siblings and momager Kris Jenner, the truth star actually has a huge net precious from his Keeping Up with the Kardashians salary, many companies and more. See details about Rob’s job and also how he makes money below!

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The California native’s network worth is an approximated $10 million, according to Celebrity net Worth. Plunder stays mostly out the the spotlight, but he’s raking in revenues from his grasp of companies, consisting of Grandeza warm sauce, sock company Arthur George and also clothing brand Halfway Dead. 

In addition, rob has showed up on his family’s E! reality display off-and-on since 2007. As soon as he served as a regular actors member, the Khloé & Lamar alum earn a “guaranteed minimum of $1 million every year in base salary,” according to Celebrity network Worth. ~ he took a step earlier from the display in 2018, the dad of one reportedly earned $50,000 per illustration he showed up in.

Like plenty of reality stars, consisting of his own family, Rob additionally earns a chunk of readjust from social media proof deals.

The entrepreneur has actually been sharing an ext of his life publicly following an outstanding 50-pound weight loss. One insider told Life & Style Rob has “regained his confidence” and also is “feeling healthier than ever and has more energy.”

The fact dad has actually looked to Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, for personal training tips. “They’ve been functioning out with each other at Khloé’s home gym – act cardio, running, pushups and deadlifting,” explained the insider around Rob and also the Boston Celtics player. 

In addition, Rob has actually “cut the end the junk food” and also is “sticking come a high-protein diet,” the insider added. “The Kardashians are proud of plunder for losing so lot weight. More than anything, they’re relieved the he’s taking far better care that himself.”

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That gift said, don’t intend the Dancing through the Stars alum to completely back in the general public eye. An insider formerly told In Touch Rob “never wants to be in the spotlight choose his sisters again.”

“He’s really happy doing his very own thing and happy that his mother isn’t on that 24/7 anymore because he’s law well,” the resource explained.