COUNTRY music star Dolly Parton mourns the ns of her brother Randy ~ above January 21.

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The household revealed the Randy passed away overnight after ~ battling cancer.


Dolly Parton announced the death of her brothers Randy Parton ~ above January 21Credit: The Mega Agency

Who to be Dolly Parton's brother Randy?

Randy Parton, 68, was an American singer/songwriter native Sevierville, Tennessee.

He is the eighth of 12 brother born come Avie Lee Caroline and Robert Lee Parton Sr.

Randy played bass and also guitar for his sisters Dolly Parton and also was the an initial person to record the track Roll ~ above in 1982.


Randy played bass and guitar because that his sister Dolly in ~ Dollyworld

How did the die?

Randy to be battling cancer, return the kind was unknown.

Dolly exit a statement about his fatality saying: “My brother Randy has lost his battle with cancer. The family and I space grieving his loss however we know he is in a much better place 보다 we are at this time. 

She continued: “We space a household of faith and we believe that he is safe with God and that he is joined by members the the family members that have gone ~ above before and have welcomed him with joy and also open arms.


Dolly's statement around Randy's passing on FacebookCredit: Facebook

“Randy to be a good singer, writer, and entertainer. The sang, played guitar and also bass in my tape for countless years. He headed his own display at Dollywood since it opened in 1986. 

“He’s had several chart documents of his own, but his duet v me top top “Old Flames Can’t host A Candle come You” will constantly be a highlight in my own career.



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Was Randy Parton married?

Randy is endured by his mam Deb, his daughter Heidi, child Sabyn, grandsons Huston and also Trent.

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His fatality comes two-years after brother Floyd Parton's fatality in December 2018.


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