The YouTube star revealed his mother passed away from falling off a scooter and also hitting her head if vacationing



Atwood, 36, post a statement to his nearly 3 million Twitter followers on Thursday, when he revealed the his mother, Susan Atwood, had passed away after a tragic accident during a family members vacation.

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“As plenty of of girlfriend know, mine family and also I room on holidays together,” he began his statement. “Yesterday my mommy was riding around with mine nephew on some tiny scooters. She dropped off hers and also hit she head. She immediately lost vitals. No love rate and also her breath stopped.”

Atwood continued: “She was rushed to the hospital wherein we invested the next 8 hours. My beautiful mommy passed away soon after. I need everyone to understand that I will certainly be gone for a bit.”

The YouTube star, best known for his prankster vlogs, has actually over 15 million subscribers ~ above his channel, “Roman Atwood Vlogs,” whereby he write-ups multiple time a week.

“I will certainly be by my family’s side, specifically my father’s,” Atwood added. “We are rushing earlier home come Ohio come figure every little thing out. You re welcome pray because that my family and especially mine father.”

Atwood break up his heartbreaking post, writing, “I’ve never been in more shock in mine life. I’m numb and in complete disbelief. My love is for this reason heavy. We room all broken over here. My mother was whatever to us.”

In a 2013 Instagram photo, Atwood praised both that his parents. “My amazing mommy & Father! The just reason ns exist!!” he captioned a photo of the trio.

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Atwood is married to Brittney Smith-Atwood, with whom he share Kane Alexander, 7, and Cora, 22 months. The is likewise father to Noah, 14, from a previous marriage.

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He remains among the highest paid YouTubers in the business, with a network worth that $2.5 million a year, as of 2015.

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